Simple solutions to complex problems

Our solutions work – so your users don’t have to.

Complicated solutions aren’t usually the best solutions. End users want simple and elegant tools that are seamlessly integrated into the ways they already work and live.

Then again, sometimes there aren’t any simple answers. Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you just can’t avoid complexity. And that’s okay – but even a complicated solution has to seem simple to whoever’s using it.

Oyova specializes in simple, elegant and effective IT solutions to business problems. And whether your project involves brand-new, from-the-ground-up web application development or is just about maximizing the performance of an existing product, we can help.

How we solve problems


Jacksonville User Experience User Experience: A lot of people think that UX is just about appearance. And while that’s certainly part of it, there’s a lot more to it. Understanding the psychology of user behavior is a critical component to building user interfaces that work.Our UX team has worked on multi-million dollar software for some of the largest companies in the world. We go beyond the surface-level interface to really engage with the user, influence them toward action, and project an air of professionalism at all times.
Jacksonville Web Design Web Design: Once you finally get someone to click that link and visit your website, you’ve got just seconds to make a solid first impression and convince them to keep poking around. Our designers know how to create streamlined and intuitive designs that encourage users to not only stay, but to fully absorb the message you’re trying to get across.And yes, in case you were wondering, our design team is fully conversant in the ways of responsive design and mobile-friendliness. They’ll make your site look great, on every kind of device.
Jacksonville Website Development Website Development: Any website development project is about communication as much as it’s about code. Our developers pride themselves on being great at both. Once we know your goals inside and out, we can turn that knowledge into code and build the most effective site possible.
Jacksonville Web Application Development Web Application Development: We’re living in an era where even stuffy old insurance companies aggressively promote their mobile apps – which should tell you that mobile apps aren’t exactly on the cutting edge anymore. Instead, they’re an essential part of today’s business and technology landscape. Our developers can help you conceive and refine your app idea, and then build it for you.
Jacksonville Social Application Development Social Application Development: There are countless social networks that you’ve probably never heard of. Unlike Facebook, Twitter and other big names in social media, these networks are often small or focused by design. Some of them are even completely private. In the age of connection, our team can help you create a community of your own that grows, creates, shares and more.
Jacksonville Desktop Application Development Desktop Application Development: The days of web-enabled applications having to live in your desktop browser are long gone. These days, your customers can launch your app from an icon that sits right on their desktop. Oyova creates impressive desktop applications that run on all operating systems and deliver a memorable experience to your customers.

Maybe your need doesn’t fit neatly into one of these categories. That’s okay. We probably have a solution for you anyway. Get in touch and we’ll see if we can help.