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3 Reasons Why I Don’t Write

Do We Share the Same Fear?

So your digital agency is telling you to start writing. You should blog more, they say.

And you agree. Because it sounds easy enough, right?

But you never get to it.

This is me. So I know how you feel.


On a daily basis, I speak with two of our copywriters and an account manager where we try to figure out how to get our clients to write more. But I’m a perfect example of why they don’t write.

I have the same excuses. I claim to be too busy. I claim that I don’t have the time. But that’s bullshit. Because in the last six months I’ve sent over 4000 emails. At an average of 1.5 minutes an email, that’s 100 hours reading and writing emails.

After really thinking about it, the reason I don’t write more is fear. Fear I’ll start and not finish. Fear I’ll expose too much. Fear I’ll never be able to take back what I said.

But when I put it down on paper, I realized how ridiculous this is.

So now that I’m writing this, which will be published and sparsely edited to keep my original voice (something missing in most posts today), I’ll hope I can help you get over your writing fears by divulging mine.

Reason #1 – Fear of Waste.

When I sit down to write a post it’s usually a “how to.” Something keyword driven that’s been predetermined by an analysis that’s supposed to be important to my ideal customer specified in a buyer persona.

The issue is that by the time I psychoanalyze this topic, I’m drained of my will to write. Hell, I don’t even want to talk about it anymore, let alone write about it. So truth be told, I get bored. I’ll waste time and never get anything published.

The Fix: Don’t over think it.

Just write. Don’t worry about the marketing behind your post. Even though you’re writing on your company’s blog, your company is people. You’re human. Write from the heart about what you do, about how you solve problems, and about your company. Know that the marketing is secondary, your words are more important.

Reason # 2 – Fear of judgment.

Deep down in my sentimental fabric of being, I’m worried that there’s someone out there that’s not going to like what I have to say. They might question me or disagree.

The Fix: Write an email to your customer.

We’re never going to make everyone happy. It’s impossible. So just imagine you’re writing an email to one of your customers. You know who they are. Pick your favorite customer and write an email to her. Instead of hitting send, load it to your blog and hit publish.

Reason #3 – “I can’t focus.”

I cannot concentrate on making a coherent sentence let alone a whole paragraph.

The Fix: Planned Solitude

Plan what you want to write. Keep a list of topic ideas. I use Evernote. Then find the time that you’re most creative. For most, including myself, it’s first thing in the morning.

So instead of replying to the 108 emails that came in last night, write a blog post. Hammer out 400-500 words in 30 minutes. The next morning, before “email” edit and publish it.

So, right here, right now, I’m pledging to write more. I’m going for one published post a month. Keyword driven or not, I have to express myself, get it out. And so do you.

Start writing. You’ve got something to say. We want to hear it.