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5 Black Friday email subject lines to drive business growth

5 Black Friday email subject lines to drive business growth

Successful business owners agree: digital marketing is a central component of a bang-up Black Friday! Gaining your customer’s attention with powerful Black Friday subject lines — within a few seconds — is key to generating leads and driving business growth. Need some ideas?

Here are five powerful Black Friday email subject lines to meet, and exceed, your sales goals during this all-important shopping day:

1. 50% Off Black Friday Sale + FREE Shipping


Pack a potent punch with fantastic prices and an additional enticement with FREE shipping. Everyone always loves a great deal, but with more and more people doing research and making purchases online — giving potential customers the option of FREE shipping is often an excellent way to close the deal.


2. Black Friday Countdown. 6 Hours left to grab today’s offer!


Give readers a sense of real urgency. A ticking clock can push people from pondering on a purchase to clicking the buy button before the prices go back up. You can even modify the timeline and send a few emails throughout the day while the hours of the sale are winding down. But don’t inundate them. Don’t help to throw your email campaign (and potential sales) into the virtual trash.


3. A FREE Gift for You to Show Our Thankfulness on Black Friday


Not all businesses can afford to slash their prices on Black Friday. Offering up a FREE gift can not only endear you to your customers but it can also stimulate larger purchase orders too. Decide on a minimum purchase that works to achieve your sales goals for the day and if you can suggest other products that would pair well with the FREE gift — you can boost the average order price.



4. You Won’t Believe This Black Friday Sale Until You See It!


Don’t forget to create some dynamic visuals in your email campaigns! In combination with powerful Black Friday email subject lines, an excellent image or GIF displaying some of the items you have sales on can create excitement and lots of clicks. If you don’t always have a graphic designer on your staff, this time of year you should be able to justify that expense. Customers love to be WOWed.


5. [Insert Product Name] Almost Sold Out! Get Your Black Friday Prices Before They’re Gone


The scarcity of Black Friday email subject lines is another powerful way to generate leads and escalate sales. Choose one of your most popular items and include a descriptive tease such as “Almost sold out!” or “Moving Fast!” You can even be creative with the visuals like a person or an animal running. Consider using humor here too. Be careful not to go too overboard and use an image or GIF that could offend or turn off potential buyers. But humor can be a very useful tool to engage and motivate.


Start Creating Amazing Black Friday Emails

Ready to produce some stellar sales numbers for Black Friday? A comprehensive digital marketing strategy that includes formidable email campaigns (with powerful subject lines) is a business owner’s best friend when it comes to taking advantage of this all-important shopper’s holiday. Get to work and create a list of possible offers so you can develop enticing subject lines and visually stunning emails.

Have any questions? Let us know in the comments section.


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