Top 5 Cyber Monday Marketing Strategies to Escalate Sales
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5 Cyber Monday marketing strategies to escalate sales

Cyber Monday is a fantastic opportunity for online retailers. Since the term was coined back in 2005, this shopping holiday’s power to produce impressive sales has rocketed — up to a record $6.59 billion in 2017. But it’s critical to have the right Cyber Monday marketing strategies to get noticed, generate strong leads, and close sales.

How to Generate More Sales on Cyber Monday

Here are five Cyber Monday marketing strategies to escalate sales:

1. Create & promote super Cyber Monday (ONLY) specials

There is more to this basic directive than meets the eye. Creating a promotional campaign with highlighted products at special prices for Cyber Monday is a given — but making sure that offer stands out above the competition will increase clicks and stimulate sales. What is your differentiator? What makes your product the SUPERior choice?

cyber monday special offer marketing strategy

Using emotion-driven adjectives, themes, and visuals can make a big difference when consumers are making their final purchase decisions among stiff competition. Does your product make their life easier/more fun/less stressful? Does your product solve a problem? Is it softer, smarter, bigger, or better?

2. Be strategic with email marketing campaign timing

One of the most important Cyber Monday marketing strategies is to make sure your audience is well informed about the sales. From giving them a teaser the week before to creating urgency on the actual day, a successful email marketing campaign communicates clearly the “what” and the “when” of your sales.

strategic email marketing campaign timing for cyber monday sales

Most of the year you wouldn’t want to email more than once a day, but with the incredible opportunity that Cyber Monday presents it’s smart to send “countdown” emails several times throughout the day to stimulate as many sales as possible. And make sure your subject lines are stellar!

3. Get ready for increased traffic

Make sure you staff your customer service lines, online chat associates, and technical support staff appropriately. Much of your traffic could be brand new to your site as online shoppers are intensely searching everywhere for the best deals. They could have a ton of questions and it is important to be ready. Certainly, preparing inventory appropriately is essential — but it is always great to have several backups just in case.

increased website traffic on cyber monday

If you sell through your inventory earlier than you anticipated on Cyber Monday, you could lose out on a lot of valuable sales. Prepare second and third-tier promotions to blast out in an email and on social media. This can not only delight consumers, but it could also “seal the deal” in bringing a new audience to your brand.

4. Motivate your audience to share Cyber Monday sales on social media

This is one of the Cyber Monday marketing strategies that can get overlooked in the flurry of creating a plethora of promotions surrounding this famous shopping holiday. But why depend on only your company resources to do all the work?

share cyber monday sales online

Give your audience, and particularly your most reliable brand advocates, a good reason to share your sales on their own social media accounts. Offer a mystery prize for the person that gets the most retweets on Twitter. Set up a contest to win the ability to do a guest blog post on your site for the most creative description or visual presentation of a hot new product. Think out-of-the-box and see the leads generate like wildfire.

5. Put an exit intent offer on your shopping cart page

A boost in sales conversion is the goal. When customers are making that final decision “to buy or not to buy” give them an extra motivation.

Free delivery! An extra 10% off! Buy now and receive this coupon for your next purchase!


Bring it home with a bang and you are more likely to get those customers to choose you before they change their mind and seek out the competition.

Start preparing for big sales on Cyber Monday

Get prepared with these five Cyber Monday marketing strategies to escalate sales and give a great boost to your end of year sales numbers. Remember to keep a close eye on social media leading up to the major shopping day and be responsive to trends and questions surrounding your industry and particular type of products. You never know what conversations may come up online that can be a last minute bonanza to introduce what you sell to new audiences. React well and ride that social media wave to invigorate your business to new heights.

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