7 Prosperous New Year’s 2016 Resolutions for Your Marketing
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7 Prosperous New Year’s Resolutions for Your Marketing in 2016

Start Your Marketing Plan 2016 with a New Challenge

Are your sights set on achieving more in 2016? Then it’s time to make a plan in the form of a prosperous New Year’s Resolution.

This is your year, so start it out right with a resolution to point you in the right direction for success. You need to attain even greater results and gain a wider audience for your business. You need a marketing challenge for 2016.

Start with a New Year’s Resolution for your Marketing in 2016:

Consistency Challenge

The key to content these days is consistency, so build up a brand and presence via Instagram. Post 1 Instagram photo every workday for an entire year. How’s it done? First, establish relevant hashtags (since we’re a digital agency, we use #agencylife, #digitalagency, #success, and related). Hashtags help ‘your people’ find you. Now that you’ve established hashtags, start snapping photographs to create fresh, original content. Make use of typography wherever it can be used to enhance the message.

SEO Secrets to keep in mind – use your main keyword as the name (not to be confused with the username!) of your profile. Search for popular and relevant hashtags to help get noticed. Develop your brand by taking a series of small ideas (digital, smart, strategy, business) and connecting them with the wider brand message you wish to portray (smart digital marketing strategies for businesses). At least once a week, use the “explore” option to find similar pages to follow. This will assure that you’re always actively acquiring new members into your online community.

Break Out the Video Camera

Do you already know how to splice video together like no one’s business? Then make this New Year’s Resolution easy on yourself by breaking out the video camera. Visuals were trending in 2015, so that YouTube.com became the top search engine next to Google! This means that climbing the video ranks may pay off, especially if you know what you’re doing on YouTube.

In 2016, start a video challenge and build up your profile on YouTube. Visualizations can also be used on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin to help target customers and get them into your website or raise brand awareness. Treat your video much like a content marketing campaign to track and adapt to the results and refine your system along the way.

Top the Ranks in Organic Search

One of the most obvious resolutions for a marketer would be to top the search engine ranks. If you haven’t already climbed to the top page, then how’s it done? There are plenty of SEO strategies for raising ranks such as using keyword queries in search engines like Google, Bing, and (as just mentioned) YouTube, adopting a backlink strategy that raises domain authority, and producing fresh content with SEO qualities consistently.

Organic Search Secrets – Remember that 10 high authority websites with 1 link back to your site is better than 10 links back to your website from 1 high authority website.

Keep in mind that just because a keyword is a high traffic search term does not mean it will bring more people to your website. In fact, the highest ranking search terms are usually the most competitive. Therefore, the best keywords are those that are not only relevant and popular, but also low competition and allow for standardization throughout your website (or can be used in multiple instances).

Build an Online Empire

Rome wasn’t built in a day, as they say. If you want to build an online empire, it’s going to take time. But you’ve got all year. Now’s the moment to start building an online community around your business. Why? Because brand fans tend to boast about your offerings and will sell your products for you. Online communities are great for business.

How is it done? The trick to building an online community is all in participation. Your content should be curated around “shareability”, “relevance”, and “inspiration” that helps potential customers make better buying decisions. You may also boost your content by creating Pay-Per-Click campaigns that get it in front of the right people. This is a great way to target customers. Remember that the act of following other users, commenting on outside content, and sharing daily will set the tone for a solid following.

Get Fresh

Get fresh with content. Ideas for creating fresh content include establishing a series of small themes to reinforce the wider theme (branding), producing relevant articles based on your business offerings to answer any question potential customers may have (customer education), and promoting news and updates in your industry (current events). Of course, your articles must not only remain useful, relevant, and trustworthy, they must also contain SEO qualities in order to help you rank.

The freshness factor of content is one of the most important aspects of ranking in search engines. That’s why a freshness challenge might be the way to go. If your online pages seem barren, then start blogging! Try a blog article once a month or every week, then publicize this content on the relevant channels to bring in more leads.

UX to Conversions

You might have the most badass website on the planet, but does it convert? Without UX that translates to conversions, you can’t make much of a business. This past year redefined the way we look at UX, at least according to Google. User Experience grew into the single most important factor when it comes to your online pages. Now, it’s not only the question of “does it convert?” but the question of “does it convert, respond, and promote a fun experience?”. The Google 2015 algorithm update will now penalize pages that aren’t responsive in mobile, so consider this the most crucial factor in succeeding with marketing in 2016. If you wait now, you’re likely to drown the next time there’s an update.

But you want this year to be prosperous, so it’s time to focus on refining UX.

Create a “user flow” map to find out how many clicks it takes to get to crucial pages. If it’s over “three clicks” to buy, then you might want to consider reworking the navigation. Does the front page lead to the desired outcome? If not, apply calls to action that direct your customers in the right places. Minimize the distractions on the page and watch the numbers rise with conversions.

Total Marketing & Sales Integration

Does your marketing investment return with abundance for adding to next year’s budget? If your answered no, then you’re missing out on an great opportunity to take control of the market. A fully integrated marketing and sales system aligns your input with your output so that all effort applied to the task at hand reaps tangible results in the form of real return on marketing.

How is it done? Through marketing automation software, big data analysis, a closed marketing system, and lead nurturing. The secret is to constantly adapt and refine your marketing system to match your efforts and meet your desired results.

Ready to reach goals with your marketing in 2016?

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