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8 Effective Law Firm Website Content Ideas

8 Effective Law Firm Content Ideas

Valuable content which attracts and engages clients is a must-have for any law firm website. It’s what will differentiate your firm from your competitors, increase your search engine rankings, and gain more site traffic. However, developing and creating content worth reading can be a daunting task, especially if you don’t have the time or expertise to get started.

To help you get started, we’ve provided eight law firm content ideas to assist you in creating valuable content which will not only help your clients but help your website generate more business.

Content Ideas for Law Firm Websites

1. Videos that inform & connect

Videos are at the top of the list when it comes to “clickability.” Short, informational videos offer a visual component of your overall business story and have the power to connect with your audience and potential clients.

use video in your law firm web content ideas

Pro tip: Keep them under two minutes and use language that is easy for a general audience to understand.

You can vary topics including different hypothetical legal situations and discuss the next steps. Have you noticed a commonly repeated question lately from your clients? Is there a popular legal issue in the news recently? Offer information and don’t make it too much like an advertisement. Allow your care and compassion for your clients to shine through.


2. Downloads, guides, & whitepapers

One of the best law firm website content ideas is free informational content that site visitors can download. This can be supplemental information to your practice area pages, guides to certain legal areas like family law or injury claims, etc.

This not only helps to showcase your expertise, but it will give viewers and potential clients another great reason to come back to your page and keep in contact.

Pro tip: Begin with your practice areas to prove you’re an expert in the field. When you’ve created your content, be sure to add a call-to-action to the download on the designated page. Provide a path to sign up and download the content so you can capture the information you need to nurture the prospect.

ebook cta law firm website content ideas


3. Q&A pages

Question and answer pages are extremely effective as law firm content. They’re also quite flexible! The general public doesn’t know much about the complexities of the law — that’s why they are online doing research all the time. You can reserve an entire page on your site for standard questions that get asked of the firm on a frequent basis or use Q&A posts with specific themes on your blog.

You do have a blog, don’t you?

q&a pages on law firm websites are an effective content marketing strategy

Pro tip: Expand on your FAQ’s by providing some standard Q&A’s on your practice areas pages and then build off of them by providing blog posts focused on a specific area. For example, if you’re a personal injury lawyer wanting to provide more information on “how to file a personal injury claim”, you can provide an FAQ blog post, such as Top 10 FAQs about Filing a Personal Injury Claim.


4. Infographics

Infographics are another example of visual storytelling that can really uplift your law firm’s marketing. These graphic representations of information are a very engaging way to present complicated subjects in a direct way. It also serves as an excellent way to differentiate you from the competition.

Pro tip: Make your infographics easy to read and informative. If you’re new to the infographic world and need a guide and a simple way to design them, give Canva a try. And don’t be afraid to showcase them on Pinterest.

infographics law firm content ideas

5. Testimonials

In the age of Amazon and social media, people are always looking for opinions —in purchasing products, and so much more. Testimonials can be tough to deal with but the reward is worth it. Clients want to know they can trust you and your legal practice and having those personal stories hold so much value. These can be placed on your website, as well as LinkedIn, Google places, Avvo, etc.

law firm testimonials

Pro tip: Make a big deal out of positive reviews. Share the good ones on social media and have a select few coded in on select pages of your website. Doing so will strengthen your website visibility and help your SEO.


6. Images

The images on your law firm website, including your blog or other articles you may compose, have a visceral impact on the viewer. Review the current images on your site. How do they make you feel? Do the images on your practice area pages match the content well? Do they instill confidence and/or produce an emotional connection?

When creating new content for blogs, consider clever or even humorous (if appropriate) images to generate enthusiasm, shares, and comments. With content flying by at the speed of light on the internet, you need to grab the viewer’s attention immediately.

selecting the right images for your law firm website

Pro tip: Once you’ve selected your imagery, make sure it’s properly optimized for your website using On-Page SEO best practices. Doing so will strengthen your SEO efforts.



With the rules of professional responsibility in mind, monitor activity on your blog and other legal blogs and respond to comments or questions appropriately. If you need to designate another person such as a paralegal to respond to comments on behalf of the firm, that’s okay. The idea is to not let conversations go ignored.

Responsiveness is an effective (and smart) way to engender trust, broadcast expertise, and propel clients to choose you and your firm. Go to discussion forums like LinkedIn Answers or Avvo too. Take into account your state’s ethics rules, but don’t let those squelch your voice completely. Comments are a powerful tool.

Pro tip: Reviewing and responding to comments online can become a daunting task. If you have many platforms you’re monitoring, consider using ReviewTrackers or Birdeye to organize some of them for you. Then select a few forums to interact with and expand as you become more comfortable with the process.

law firm website comments and reviews

8. Email marketing

Definitely, one of the top law firm content ideas that have real longevity, email marketing gives you multiple opportunities to connect with potential clients (and returning clients) over time. Do you have an “opt-in” form for your blog or other periodic email campaigns?

Be strategic with your content in the email. Send short informative pieces and new blogs when you have them. Make sure not to overwhelm their inboxes or inundate them with advertisements. Email marketing can be one of your best tools — but if done poorly, one of your worst detractors.

email marketing strategies for law firm websites

Pro tip: Emails are a great way to highlight all of your content. Provide links to your eBooks and whitepapers for more downloads and show off your events and new positive reviews.

Begin creating quality content for your law firm

When you utilize the right law firm web content, your web strategy is more effective — raising your visibility, increasing your website traffic, and generating more leads. Be creative, yet strategic. The information highway is filled with eager readers.


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