Content Marketing Statistics: Why Blogging Is Crucial
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Blogging Statistics: The Importance of Blogs to Company Success

Blogging statistics: The importance of blogs to company success

Blogs have a lot of power to drive success. Content marketing statistics don’t lie. The importance of blogs is undeniable when you really look into the numbers, and if you’ve been thinking about starting one — that’s a smart move. If you have already incorporated a blog into your comprehensive marketing strategy, this information will serve to reinforce your efforts — and motivate you to up your game.

Let’s delve into these valuable content marketing statistics:

Content Marketing Statistics You Need to Know


From consumer electronics to sports equipment and children’s toys to appliances, blogs are a universal tool for businesses across industries.

A whopping 79% of all online shoppers utilize 50% of their time spent shopping to research products

Blogs can play an important role in guiding these eager readers to relevant conversations about these products. Integrating strategic links into the content increases your conversion rate — changing readers into purchasers.

What about overall internet users?


Approximately 77% of people who are online read blogs

This presents an incredible opportunity. If a company can deliver relevant, dynamic blogs on a consistent basis, you can attract a continual stream of new readers (and hopefully new customers!) Take the time and effort to focus on quality, though. Just banging out content for content’s sake isn’t going to draw in great leads.


More than half of online consumers from the United States have purchased something because of a recommendation from a blog — 61%!

There are more than 326 MILLION (and growing) people in the US alone. Most people you know do some of their shopping online, don’t they? Think about that…

5 Tips to Creating Quality Content


The Power of a Company Blog to Increase Website Traffic

In order to sell your products and/or services, your customer has to find you, right? Blogs serve not only to educate (and hopefully entertain!) but also to increase the amount of traffic to your website.


If a company has a blog, it can get 55% more website visitors

Once you get them to your website via an engaging blog post, they can peruse the rest of your pages to discover who you are, what you offer, and if the products or services you provide meet a particular need.

Do you own a small business? Well-known brands like Nike and Xbox have a built-in massive flow of customers to their sites, but small businesses have a much bigger task with marketing. But the great news is that having a company blog can yield big rewards. Here is another powerful number in content marketing statistics:


Small businesses that have a company blog receive approximately 126% more lead growth than ones that do not blog

Lead generation is essential for small businesses to meet (and exceed) their revenue goals. Traditional advertising doesn’t work as well as it used to — you have to be where your potential customers spend their time and do their research when they are making purchasing decisions.


Blogs Are Important for B2B & B2C

Whether you sell to other businesses or directly to consumers, blogs are a potent tool to gain quality leads and increase sales.


Marketers for B2B businesses generate 67% more leads each month than marketers who don’t blog

B2B marketers who blog can increase both legitimacy and visibility; creating a commanding presence online for potential new customers. Blogs can be the beginning of a conversation that starts a new, mutually beneficial business relationship. This could make a mighty impact on the bottom line.


Marketers for B2C businesses generate 88% more leads each month than marketers who don’t blog

Social media sharing can be a jackpot for B2C marketers. If you create a blog that really resonates with your audience, it can race through social media like a bullet train. Getting backlinks from blog shares is critical to growing your audience.

Quick tip: nourish your best promoters on various social media platforms like they are baby birds. They’ll love you for it. (And spread the word!)

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Follow Best Practices for Blogging

Consistency is a top priority when it comes to effective blogging. Develop quality content and deliver it frequently. If you don’t have the staff to blog on a consistent basis, consider hiring an inbound marketing agency. You can cultivate a dedicated reader base by publishing the blog on a consistent day of the week or every day at the same time.

Publishing in the morning is your best bet.


Link sharing for blogs peaks around 7 am, and blog reading peaks around 10 am

Since blog readers tend to be morning people, catching their interest before they get busy with work, driving kids to school, or other activities, is in your best interest.


Ready to get blogging?


These content marketing statistics should be an excellent motivator. Be cunning, creative, and consistent, and watch your profits multiply. Start today by hammering out some solid and engaging content ideas for you, or your team, to write. Jot down ideas for visuals that will capture the reader’s attention and make your blog post even more enticing.

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