7 Ways to Build Credible SEO Backlinks

7 Ways to Build Credible SEO Backlinks

Acquiring backlinks is like trying to get references for a job. When you get one, someone out there is saying, “I like this person. I vouch for them.” But just like job references, not all backlinks are worth the same. A job reference from a... Read More
Why Is Website SEO Important?

Why Is Website SEO Important?

Have you ever heard the expression, “It’s like finding a needle in a haystack”? It’s used to describe a near Herculean task of insurmountable odds. Today we could rewrite it by saying, “It’s like trying to find needed information on the... Read More
What is SEO Marketing

What Is SEO Marketing?

The term “SEO marketing” is a little misleading because all marketing should be aimed at improving your search engine optimization. SEO is not something you should be doing. It’s something you must be doing. Without it, no one will find you.... Read More
free web analytics tools

Free Web Analytics Tools to Track Your SEO

Prove it. Has someone ever issued that challenge to you? You claim something. They don’t believe it and they want to see proof. The same is needed of your SEO. Without analytics tools to measure your performance, it’s all just a bunch of nice... Read More
Get the best backlinks for SEO

How to Get the Best Backlinks for SEO

Would you ever give out party invitations without an address on them? Seems silly, right? The address tells people where to go for the party. Backlinks do the same. Google and other search engines see backlinks to your site as an indication of a... Read More