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Google Pluses itself Ahead of your Site

Google Pluses itself Ahead of your Site

09.29.2011 – UPDATE

Well its a week later since I reported on the results from 2 weeks ago, and we have been shifted. The Facebook page is now on page 4, the manta page is on page 3 along with this post, and my Google+ post has only moved to page 2. As predicted our clients new site has finally been indexed and is showing organically. This is a great example of how domain authority can take precedence in the beginning but keep faith in your SEO practice, at least for 2 more weeks.

As I tweeted on Sept 7, Google is now ranking your Google+ posts. It’s a week later now and Google has since re-indexed its sites for this term.

If you would have Googled “hearing care tampa” you’d  get a Facebook page we setup as #1,  my Google+ Post about our new client #2, and #3 a Manta Profile setup by us. All pages #1, #2, #3 link to In Home Hearing Care.

This isn’t a very high traffic keyword, but it still goes to show you that even when you think you have a solid website structure, Google still makes its own rules.

Check back next week and lets see where this post ranks.