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Oyova Gives 3Blind Mice a New Look

Oyova Gives 3Blind Mice a New Look

3Blind Mice creates smart, colorful, effective commercials. Naturally, they expect no less from their website, and Oyova met their needs.

There were some special needs for the site, too. The main priority was to showcase the great work 3Blind Mice does. That meant that the site would include lots of media. That can slow a site down, but we put together a site with clean, lean code that keeps it snappy even as it delivers multiple HD videos.

Here is the great video that 3Blind Mice partnered with Jacksonville based OnIdeas to create:


Web visitors don’t always take time to explore before they make up their minds about whether a site is what they need or not. That meant that we had to make sure that the design would appeal to visitors right away, whether they chose to watch the videos or not. At the same time, we had to ensure that the design didn’t detract from the work of 3Blind Mice.

It was also important to keep the website navigation clean, simple, and user-friendly. With the amount of media this site contains, it would be easy to overwhelm visitors. We used a simple navigation bar on all the pages, with an extra sorting option on the “Work” page. With grids of bright thumbnails on pages with numberous choices, we kept the look sharp instead of crowded, and made it easy for visitors to sample the goods.

3Blind Mice works with companies like Reebok, Fiat, and Winn-Dixie. They have high standards, and we’re honored they chose Oyova for their website needs. ¬†