[SURVEY] Which factors influence your decision to purchase online?

[SURVEY] Which factors influence your decision to purchase online?

You may have seen the recent growth of Google Surveys in your inbox or online and didn’t realize it was even a Google Survey. Well, we just completed a 200 question survey for a local online merchant. Below are the results for the SUM of all demographics AGE, INCOME, LOCATION, etc.

Further Segmenting:

  • When displaying females only it was an overwhelming 42.7% answering “Product Cost”
  • When displaying both genders, 18-24 years of age its 67% “none of the above”. What factors influence 18-24 year olds to purchase online? Coolness Factor?
  • “Website Security and Company Trust” was only #1 with the 55-64 segment. Could that be a reflection on their generation growing up without a computer?

Jon Tsourakis

Written by:

Jon Tsourakis followed his dream of opening an independent digital marketing agency. As CRO of Oyova Software, he uses logic and intuition to help companies grow their business online.


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