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The Reputation Industry and the Future

It’s 2011 and online reviews of businesses are everywhere. For example, Cafe Alma has 174 reviews on their Places Page. Everyday, Google pulls and collects more from online review sites, and in turn, your Business’s Brand and Reputation is now just as important as your On Page SEO efforts. Especially, when the review sites become a part of your Organic Results, see the image below.

Who do you trust with your Online Reputation Management?

More than likely you’ve received an email promising to remove or force down bad reviews related to your business. Only to be replaced with “Good Reviews” that they will create for you. While this sounds like a snazzy idea, lets think about the future. How long do you think it will take Google to create an algorithm that links review #1 with profile A and review #4 with Profile A then cross reference that with another service like a Facebook account, or an IP address, and Geo Location sites such as FourSquare?

If the Reputation Company creates 500 reviews that are all 5 stars for your company and review #1 is for a company in Seattle and review #4 20 minutes later for a company in Key West, the almighty Google will catch on sooner than later– more than likely penalizing your reviews. If a Company is offering a service to provide fake “Good Reviews” how can you trust them? Take a look at their online reviews? Wow all 5 stars! They must be amazing. Can you trust a cheater?

Free Advice for your Reputation

If you need good reviews or any reviews for that matter just ask your customers to create them. Creating a fake reputation on the Internet is not going to help your business succeed. Even a bad review can be a positive experience for your future. Remember you can post a reply to your reviews and make an offer to get that customer back. Businesses are run by people and people do make mistakes, taking the effort to go online and communicate with your customers will show the world you care.