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Web Design Search Trends in Florida

Web Design Search Trends in Florida

We’ve all heard the buzzwords, “HTML”, “CSS”, “user experience”, etc, but today I’m introducing another buzzword, “agency”. In the dictionary “agency” is defined as: an organization, company, or bureau that provides some service for another. Revital defines “agency” as a gnarly group of marketers that work with you step by step to achieve your business goals.

It’s no longer a 1 man show

The days of hiring a “web designer” to give you a .com are over. Below, the research statistics from Google show the changing trends in web design. Terms like “free web design” and “web design software” are rising while the overall term web design is rapidly declining.

Insert “Agency” and see what happens

The same search location and timeline shows that “design agency” is holding steady and growing. Good news does travel fast. The headlines all read, “Go with a Design Agency” for your next web design project.  And why not?  Typically, you get much more.  Most digital design agencies offer marketing support in the form of SEO and SEM.  The lone web designer doesn’t or can’t for that matter.  And if he or she does, are the results worth mentioning?

With more to offer, and for virtually the same price, agencies will absorb the role of “web designer” in the realm of digital advertising and marketing.  This trend is a positive market shift that will only help our industry.

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