Four Tips for Hiring a Senior Developer

Posted by David McGraw in Design, Development

Hiring technical people is never easy, even if you are actually able to find applicants who look good on paper (sadly, even that is often harder than it sounds). If you’re gearing up to hire a senior developer, you can be forgiven for feeling stressed: not only are you being asked to hire a more Read the full article…

Creating Oyova’s new image, and our process to bring it to life

Posted by David McGraw in Design, Insight

As a digital company, I often wondered how long does a website stay relevant. Tech trends change so fast in the IT world, mere months after the release of our last website upgrade we all were tired of it, and unimpressed, and being a development focused team, we never had time to address our own site. After 3 years, we have finally released our new vision for what Oyova means, our message, and our new focus for the new year.

Even an Interior Designer needs a re-design once in awhile.

Posted by David McGraw in Design

Donna Mancini is a design expert who needed a website for her business, Donna Mancini Home Staging & Redesign Inc. The website needed to match the high quality of the work she does in her clients’ homes.

When a client needs to sell a house they call Donna to come in, draw on her design experience and vision, and give the place a fresh look. In much the same way, Oyova took Donna’s website and gave it a new, beautiful design.