At Oyova, community takes on two distinct, yet interconnected meanings. First, we strive to be thought leaders in the IT realm. Second, we make a serious effort to be a part of a flourishing greater Jacksonville area. Ideally, we aim to be the axis of connection between technology professionals and their affiliates in the North Florida area.


Innovation is what drives the technology field. We strive to be influencers of the IT community, and we recognize that innovation doesn’t happen in a vacuum. We stay on the cutting-edge of our field by collaborating on ideas and problem-solving with other preeminent tech professionals. Synergy within the community advances the entire industry forward.

The best partnerships are formed with like-minded individuals, and what better place to find parallel thought than right in our own backyard? Having access to North Florida IT professionals who are facing the same challenges allows us to overcome technical obstacles much more efficiently than going in circles by ourselves. Community is much more effective than competition.

giving-backCommunity involvement also allows us to be Jacksonville insiders. We can learn about the people of Jacksonville and what their motivations are, what gets their attention. Understanding the consumer helps us create the the ultimate user experience.

Most importantly, we live, work and play in Jacksonville. We do our part to contribute to a prosperous local economy for a sustainable North Florida community. We use North Florida products, services and resources whenever possible. We create job opportunities for North Florida residents, and we serve businesses in the greater Jacksonville area. Focusing on our own community allows us to give back to an area that has done so much for us.