Developer Jobs

Oyova knows good developers. It was founded by one.

We’re looking for just the right fit because culture is everything. Sure, we want a programmer with “the skills” but we also want someone who’s going to mesh with our office vibe.

Our open office layout showcases how important team is to us. We believe in collaboration and the exchange of ideas. If you want to be part of a strong team from which to learn, grow, and teach—keep reading.

We select each developer carefully, looking for the best and  brightest in the tech community. As part of our team you’ll work challenging projects, and if you’re worth your salt, this excites you. At the end of the day, we value hard work and reward for it.

We take pride in what we do. Going the extra mile is common practice, but we still take time to enjoy ourselves. We take mini-breaks because it helps with creativity and problem solving and keeps our energy high. We also kick-off every morning with hacky sack and have a flexible vacation policy. Because our team is focused and dedicated to our projects, no one abuses these freedoms and they’re used as intended – to recharge and come back with renewed energy.

You’ll find the work challenges you, as do your peers, but we’re not one of those uber competitive environments. We’re looking for developers who want to be part of a dynamic team atmosphere, and yet are able to work independently. Good interpersonal skills and communication skills are essential in our developers. We’re not looking for someone who’s content to punch a clock, wear headphones all day, and leave without speaking a word to anyone here. As a developer for Oyova, you’ll be part of something much more than just your individual lines of code.

Do you see deadlines as a challenge and do you try and beat them the way an Olympic athlete strives to beat his best time? Do you think about lines of code in your head the way others think about favorite songs?

If so, you just might be our kind of developer.

Take a look at the developer positions we’re looking to fill and then ask yourself if you’re ready to love your job. Isn’t it time you do?