Marketing Glossary


Above the Fold

In web design, the portion of a website that’s visible when loaded much like the top of the front page of a newspaper.


A web design content display style in which presents large quantities of information in a smaller space on a single webpage through the designation of content pieces to tabs on a particular page that remain hidden from sight until the viewer clicks. Accordion content is counts less toward ranks than regular content in Google search engine algorithm.


A web design that makes use of progressive enhancement components to provide an adaptive design that focuses on the particular user not the browser with a predetermined set of layout sizes for each specified device detected.

Affiliate Marketing

A marketing method of earning commission through the promotion of other products and services.


The method of processing, indexing, and organizing information in a systematic manner for easier retrieval.

ALT Text

The text used to label a photograph of element of the website that appears when hovering over the item or when the item fails to load. Used to describe the content and improve SEO.


A method of tracking, observing, recording, and estimating big data website statistics and sets for more effective online marketing.

Anchor Link

A link that points back to a specified position on the current web page and jumps to this place when clicked.

Anchor Text

The anchor text of a hyperlink is that which is displayed for you to click, and must remain relevant to the topic of the page according to best SEO practices.


A plugin started by Google+ to integrate and connect a blog author’s articles and profile across multiple websites and platorms. Although still in use, Google+ Authorship is less dead, but it still counts as a best SEO practice for relevant exposure and raising ranks.

Auto Complete

Also known as word completion is the feature utilized by applications to automatically predict and insert the remainder of the search phrase.

Automation Rule

An automated response rule set to qualify specific user actions with an outcome such as an automated email message or specific customer pricing.


Backlink Profile

Is the collection, number, and quality of backlinks that point back to a given website.

Banner Ads

In online marketing, an embeded advertisment intended to attract customers by linking from the page to the website of the advertiser.

Big Data

Data retrieving systems and sets that are so vast and complicated that traditional data processing applications are inadequate and when properly calculated can be applied to improve business processes and make better decisions pertaining to the market through analysis.

Bing SEO

A unique search engine optimization method used by Bing search engine to rank websites higher based on engagment, click-through rates, social behaviors, authorship, keywords, and site authority.

Bounce Rate

The percentage of visitors that leave a website after viewing only a single page.

Brand Identity

A branding method that distinguishes a brand via logo and a continuous and consistant content style, visualization, or message that helps users make a connection between the company and the intended idea in mind.

Brand Journalism

Describes content that covers the world of a brand from news reports, promotions, press releases, blog articles, and branding content designed to raise brand awareness and customer loyalty

Business-to-Business (B2B) Marketing

An online marketing method carried out by a business to target other business as customers.

Business-to-Consumer (B2C) Marketing

An online marketing method carried out by a business to target consumers as customers.

Buyer Persona

An online marketing consumer identity or personality with characteristics, needs, and traits based on most frequent buyers that assists in targeting customers and forming a more effective brand identity.


Call to Action

Also known as a CTA is an online marketing tactic usually a question or strong statement used to induce a response in the viewer and convince them to take immediate action. A good call to action is measured by the frequency of the clickthrough rate.


Also known as Country Code Top-Level Domains are two letter website url identifiers such as .us, .uk, .de, .jp, .fr reserved for websites of a country, sovereign state, or territory.

Clickthrough Rate

The percentage of online viewers that click through a link to view a website.

Content Management

System (CMS) Also known as framework. Examples: WordPress, Magento, MODX, Joomla, Drupal

Content Marketing

An online marketing method used for branding, lead generation, and building customer loyalty that involves developing and sharing content in the form of copy, graphics, videos and more on blogs, social media platforms, and other websites to increase sales activity and engagment.

Contextual Advertising

Any type of advertising that targets users using an automated algorthim based on preferences and displayed as a banner, graphic, or content on websites and mobile browsers.

Conversion Marketing

In online marketing, the practice of converting potential buyers into paying customers by tracking sales leads, analyzing behaviors, and adapting to customer demands

Conversion Optimization

Also known as Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is an online marketing strategy that involves increasing the number and frequency of website visitors that convert into customers.

Conversion Rate

In online marketing, the percentage rate used for data analysis to measure the number of potential buyers or “leads” that are converted into real sales figures after making a purchase

Copy | Copywriting

A marketing term used to describe content intended for a specific purpose and framed in such a way to distinguish the message in the most effective way to persuade, brand, or present information with clarity.

Core Values

A collection of values that act as guiding principles of favored actions and prefered behaviors that provide unity and best complement the company’s business process.

Corporate Blogging

A standard content marketing tool for building online presence, customer conversation, and converting leads with useful content with article posts on your website

CPA (cost per acquisition)

Also known as cost per acquisition is an online marketing method in which the advertiser pays per each successful response to an acquisition rather than by total impressions to ensure effective marketing.

CPC (cost per click)

The average amount of money spent on each successful clickthrough.


The act of origination or causing something to come into existence as the result of one’s actions.


Customer Relationship Management Tool A term used to describe the process of managing customer relations, often using marketing automation software, to organize, automate, and synchronize customer service, sales, and marketing.


A modern business term used to define the act of “outsourcing to the crowd” or obtaining services, content, or ideas needed through the soliciting external contributions from a large group of people or online community that can offer invaluable information via firsthand experience and expertise.


The newest update to Cascading Style Sheets language that added highly anticipated desing elements such as rounded corners, shadows, gradients, transitions, and animations along with new layout features such as multiple columns, flexible box, and grid layouts.


Deep Linking

A link within website content that points back to another previously indexed page under the same domain name.


The act of arranging or fashioning patters and elements and executing or constructing according to a conscious intention and envisioned plan.

Disavow tool

An online tool provided by Google to rid your website from any spammy or low-quality links that you don’t control and link back to your website.

Do Follow Link

A specific type of link input method that is counted toward ratings in search engine algorithms, and influences the SEO of a website.

Drip Campaign

A type of email marketing campaign developed for marketing automation software that makes use of email lists and sends out automated email messages set on a periodic schedule in advance.


A free open-source content management system (CMS) and web development platform used for content, community, and ecommerce.

Dwell Time

The duration of time a visitor spends on a particular website.


Ebook Marketing

A common promotional offer and digital marketing tactic for delivering more useful information to your audience that allows customers to make more educated purchasing decisions and builds your reputation as an expert.

EDM (exact domain match)

A website domain name that is the exact match for the keyword, product or service promoted. The effectiveness of EDMs has dwindled from original status as an effective source of online marketing.

Email Marketing

A digital marketing method that makes use of email lists and analytics to engage customers, grow an online audience, and nuture leads through email offers.

External Linking

Any outbound link found in website content that points to another webpage with a different domain name outside of the site.



a web design element that fades in (much like a powerpoint presentation between slides) when opening a page using a jquery script. This feature can be applied to a website by adding the script to the html code or theme.


a web design element that flips (much like a digital book with pages) when navigating between pages using a jquery script. This feature can be applied to a website by adding the script to the html code or theme.


The rate at which something occurs and is repeated over a duration of time.

Freshness Algorithm

A November 2011 and May 2012 Google search engine update that increases the ranks of your website via new content and updates to old content.


A web design element applied to a page to produce content at 100% full width to fit content on the website.


An action carried out by an individual, department, or company in which produces a result.


Google Analytics

A website analytics software offered by Google to track website traffic, click-through rates, and social engagement.

Google Panda

A February 2011 Google search engine algorithm update intended to lower the ranks of “low quality” or “thin sites” with large amounts of advertising and raise websites considered “high quality” content

Google Penguin

A Google search algorith update of April 2012 that penalized websites using black-hat SEO techniques and link schemes to increase ranks in the search engines by increasing the number of links pointing back to their websites.

Google Tag Manager

A tool offered by Google to faster organize page and content tags for websites.

Google+ Marketing

A search engine optimization tactic or SEO method that increases ranks with Google+ shares, Google authorship, and targeting Google+ Circles.

Graph Search

A search tool developed by Facebook to make use of user information and statistics for those friends and connections in a user’s social network and beyond and used for informational purposes for marketers.

Guest Blogging

An online blogging tactic used to increase expose to your website, gain authorship authority, and increase the number of relevant content backlinks to a website.


Hummingbird Algorithm

A Google search engine algorithm update applied in August 2013 to index website content topics based on synonymous keywords, context, and customer intent when searching.


Ideal Customer Profile

An online marketing report in which reveals top customers to form brand identities and adjust to the behavior of most frequent customers who buy a particular brand or service.

Inbound Link

An inbound link is one that points to a website from the content of another website. High quality backlinks or inbound links are required for best SEO practices.

Inbound Marketing

An online marketing method with intent to bring potential buyers into a website via calls to action, sharable, and clickable content as opposed to outbound marketing or seeking prospects through offensive action.

Infographic Marketing

A marketing method used to increase visual presence with entertaining content and educate on subjects through the use of informational graphics that clarify facts and processes.


An information graphic or visual representation of knowlege using facts and statistics to present information much quicker and clearer than before using the human brain’s natural ability to spot patterns and recognize trends

Integrated Marketing

The unification of various marketing methods such as direct marketing, inbound marketing, and traditional advertising consolidated with unity to acheive a more effective end result.

Internal Linking

A type of link found within the content of a website that points back to other pages found under the same domain name to increase accessibility for easier navigation.


An important topic or problem open for debate or discussion as opposed to a mistake that requires a known “edit” or correction.



A mobile and user-friendly web development platform and content managemet system used for publishing content and geared toward accessibility and responsiveness across multiple devices.


A cross-platform JavaScript library used to assist client-side HTML scripting.



A frequently applied word or search engine term used to better index content according to topic.

Keyword Density

The ratio or percentage of search engine optimization keywords or SEO keywords listed in the content of a given website.

KPI- Key Performance Indicator:

A point of reference for measure performance and evaluate the success of marketing efforts.


Landing Page

The first page on your website seen after clicking through to an offer built to converts leads into customers with the use of your unique selling point.

Landing Page

The webpage that appears in response to a clickthrough and meant to convert potential buyers into immediate customers with a strong call to action and clear direction.


A person or company that is not yet qualified for your sales pipeline but displays buyer potential.

Link Building

In online marketing, the act of retreiving high-quality backlinks that point back to a website to gain more exposure to pages.



An free open-source web development platform and content management system (CMS) that allows users to build and maintain eccommerce websites or online stores.

Marketing Automation

A software or platform developed to save time on menial online marketing tasks and processes by integrating data analysis, the ability to schedule posts in advance, interact with users across various social media platforms, and view multiple live streams all in one place.

Marketing Channel

Also known as a distribution channel is the processes and activities need to transfer the ownership of goods from the point of production to consumption.

Marketing Medium

Any media tool such as social media networks, websites, magazines, newspapers, radio, and TV that provide a platform for marketing.

Media Buy

The act of buying media “real estate” or advertising space on newspapers, TV, magazines, and blogs with optimal placement, pricing, and audience.

Meta Tags

Are keyworded content descriptions used by algorithms to index and display pages in search engines.

Microsoft / Yahoo Alliance

A deal that partnered Microsoft with Yahoo search engine in 2009 to originally provide paid search and algorithm services. In 2015 the partnership was updated by joining Bing Ads capailities to Yahoo search to provoke the greatest impact on shared customers. “Microsoft will become the exclusive salesforce for ads delivered by Microsoft’s Bing Ads platform, while Yahoo will continue to be the exclusive salesforce for Yahoo’s Gemini ads platform”


A mockup is a realistic representation or visual model of what the product will look like (in this case a website). The final result can look exactly like the mockup version or become a variation of it after revisions. While some people prefer to draw the mockups using graphic software, others add it straight in HTML/CSS.


A content managment system (CMS) and web application framework that allows users to publish content and maintain complete control of a website for flexibility and scalability for growth.

Multivariate Testing

A process used to refine web design elements, content, and graphics on a website by testing multiple versions of various variables at a time to acheive the most effective combination upon comparing the page analytics.


Native Advertising

A digital marketing tactic that makes use of an online adversting platform to promote a product or service by matching the content with the orginal purpose and intent of the webiste.

New Media Marketing

A recently established type of marketing that combines online marketing methods to build an online community using blogs, social networks, digital apps, and interactive graphics to increase customer engagment

Newsletter Marketing

A marketing method that makes use of a periodic publication that often features recent news, events, and promotions, along with content meant to both inform and entertain for branding and customer loyalty purposes.

No Follow Link

A specific type of link input method added to the HTML of a page that is not counted when determining ratings in search engine algorithm, thus does not influence the SEO of the website.


Open Graph

A term coined by Facebook developers to describe social networking software that is able to cross and interact with several different platforms to allow certain websites and apps the ability to share information about the user.

Organic Search

A method of driving traffic to a website that focuses on keywords and backlink placement and originates with a real searches and clicked page results.


Pinterest Marketing

A marketing method that makes use of the social networking tool and photo sharing platform Pinterest for bookmarking websites and sharing photographs for better social media marketing.

PPC | Paid Search

An online marketing tactic in which the advertiser pays an online advertising medium for exposure and pays a set rate per successful clickthrough.

Premium Offer

An offer on a website, usually an educational piece of content in the form of an eBook or guide, enticing enough for someone to provide their email address and other contact information.

Programmatic Marketing

is the algorithmic investing and sale of advertising space through the application of technology across the digital, television, and radio media inventory to reduce human-based methods, such as Google Adwords. The goal of programmatic marketing is to target the intended audience.


The state of being close to something or something in terms of physical, mental, and emotional proximity.



A marketing term used to describe the distance and number of online viewers exposed to content.


An organization or commercial institution in which manages the registration of domain names like Godaddy to provide your website an address and online location via URL.


A web design that makes use of CSS3 and codes elements based on percentages with flexible graphics and text to supply a fluid design in which responds to the size of the device being used to view it.

Responsive Design

Also known as RWD or responsive web design is a website focused on layout, usability, and accessability which responds well with any device for better user experience and navigation.


a web design element that reveals graphics or text when scrolling up or down the page using a jquery script. This feature can be applied to a website by adding the script to the html code or theme.



The act of seeking out a need in the form of a someone or something.

Search Algorithm

A method of indexing and retreiving information, content, and web pages through search engines.

Search Engine Optimization

Also known as SEO is a digital marketing tactic that makes use keywords search terms, strategic backlinks, and content for improving ranks in the search engines.


The difference between search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) is that SEO is the method to raise ranks via algorthims, while SEM is the method of increasing a website’s visibility in through optimization and advertising.


Also known as search engine optimization is an online marketing method applied to raise website ranks in search engines through optimization of potential buyer keywords, phrases and query searches.


A popular and industry-leading search engine optimization analytics website and tracking software tool for inbound marketing online.


A popular feature of web design in which rotates a series of photographs and headlines often at the top of the page.

Social Logins

An online tool that reduces the need for multiple login usernames and passwords by allowing integrated accessiblity across mutliple social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

Social Media Analytics

A digital marketing tool used to track, report, and analyze big data figures pertaining to social networking activity and engagement.

Social Selling

The act of interacting directly with potential customers through social media engagment and promotional sharing.

Social Video

Any trends on social platforms that pertain to the posting, sharing, and viewing of online videos.


An online marketing and keyword analytics tool to search and plan keywords base on those users buy most frequently on Google Adwords and other advertising sources. state the difference between an issue and an ‘edit’


A specified subcategory of a function carried out by an individual, department, or company in which produces a result.


Also known as search experience optimization is a term used in online marketing to describe the user experience when browsing for a particular product with a search engine; key factors include rank, load time, web design elements, and accessibility with mobile devices.



The act of analyzing the behavior of an audience and adapting marketing efforts to speak to best customers and potential buyers.


The matter dealt with in a content piece or subject to provide relevance.


A marketing term used to describe a specific aspect about a product or service that convinces potential buyers to take immediate action.


User Experience (UX)

Is an interface built to please the customer based on behaviors, attitudes, and emotions regarding a particular product, service, or system.

User Flow

in graphic design, the user flow refers to the path a user will most likely take when navigating your page due to calls-to-actions, buttons, triggers, and links on the page. For instance, a user oftentimes arrives on a site via a landing page then navigates to other pages presented on the top menu, internal links, or buttons displaying CTAs.

UVP – Unique Value Proposition

Also known as the unique “selling-point” of your product or service that distinguishes it from others and seperates it from the competition.


Video Marketing

A marketing method that makes use of creating and sharing video content that provides more information or convinces the viewer to inquire about products and services.


The potential for content to be quickly and continuously shared from one internet user to the other to reach mass exposure.



A web-based seminar event that is conducted through live-streaming video at a particular date and time and used to convey key information in place of an in-person conference. Webinars often take place at a specified time and are offered as the result of a free promotional session or as an informational product to be purchased.


The base of a company’s operations online in which displays logos, branding content, and displays key information such as location, address, phone, who you are, what you do and why.

Website Features (source)

Additional attributes, apsects, or plugins added to a website to suit the intended audience and original purpose of the page.

White Paper Marketing

A common promotional offer and digital marketing tactic used to educate potential customers on what you offer with an analysis and report of a problem and a guide to the best solution.

Why Statement

A cause or mission statement used to outline the purpose of a company’s intentions and goals.


A wireframe is a sketch or schematic framework of a website without graphics, images or colors, and displays the design like a blueprint. The primary goal of a drawing a wireframe is to demonstrate the functionality and layout for UX/UI prior to performing any graphic design work.


A free and industry-leading open-source website development platfom and content management system (CMS) that allows users to build and maintain a website and features plugin architecture and templates.


The orchestrated system and repeated pattern of processes that improve and enable the methodotic execution of business.

Working Title

What’s the difference between a “topic” and a “working title”? Well, a topic is something general, while a working title is specific.


XML Sitemap

A published list of website url links that can be read by web crawlers. XML indicates the sightma is in Extendable Markup Language



A popular feature of web design in which rotates a series of photographs and headlines often at the top of the page.


An open-source steganography software and Java Script library used to conceal and convey messages hidden from the reader in plain sight without attracting attention or detection.


A web design element applied to a page to produce content at 100% full width to fit content on the website.