Our Results

Don’t take our word for it. See for yourself.

We can spend all week telling you about the custom web application development work we’ve done, or we can just show it to you and let you make up your own mind. We’re proud of our portfolio, and we think it speaks for itself.

Here are just a few of our signature projects. Want to see more? Just ask – we’ve got plenty of others to show off to anyone who’s interested.

Results of Technology Solving Business Problems

Oyova was contacted by CTO Brian Malek to create a complete new system to take their MySchoolStreams platform to another level.  Video and picture sharing, club calendars, and school events are just some of the features we built on top of the core platform. With more features planned, the leadership team at PlanetHs.com has chosen Oyova to help them build the next big thing.

completely custom CRM integrated for Jacksonville company

For 1st Security USA we built a completely custom CRM that offers more than just record management. Automatic generation of proposal documents based on a clients specific home security needs and seemless integration with services such as Docusign and Freshbooks were essential to the process of managing leads for 1st Security USA’s CRM needs.

Buddypress website plugin users for Jacksonville Social Media Application

Climb For Trails
Utilizing the SalsaLabs fundraising and donations platform trailored to non-profit organizations, we built for Climb For Trails, a custom social networking and fundraising website. Built on WordPress with the Buddypress plugin users are able to log into the website and log their hikes climbs on the Climb For Trails network of trails, or sponsor the hikes and climbs of other users.

Responsive WordPress Design for HR Marketing

Starfield Talent Management Systems needed a new front-facing marketing website to showcase their software and services for talent management. Utilizing WordPress and responsive design techniques, Oyova designed and developed an easy to use, as well as sleek and modern website that looks great on all devices.

Custom Restaurant Homepage Design

Mintahoe Catering and Events
Mintahoe Catering and Events wanted to take control of their content, and they knew just what they wanted. Oyova knew that the Farcry CMS system had the power and flexibility to meet Mintahoe’s needs. The new content management system lets Mintahoe respond to changing trends and to the growth of their business instantly. They can bring in photos, menus, slideshows, links to their social media and multimedia presences on the web, and still keep their website looking great. Now, the website brings them more business than any other marketing effort.

Second Harvest Website Design & Development

Second Harvest
Second Harvest serves 18 counties in North Florida, providing millions of meals through over 400 member agencies. Their website is an important fundraising tool. The aging Drupal site wasn’t working as well as it had, though. Though Second Harvest still liked the look of the website, they could tell that it was no longer functioning perfectly. Second Harvest staff do basic upkeep and updating of their website, but they knew they needed professional help. Oyova rebuilt the website from the inside out to meet the needs of the organization without the expense of a new or redesigned website.