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About Us

You’re our favorite subject. Talking about us happens to be our second. Feel free to interrupt by dropping us a line at any time.

Oyova is an application development and marketing agency that began in 2008. With a team of 27 strategists and actual do-ers, we transform organizations. Whether that’s through the design of a custom website to improve every conceivable metric or a marketing campaign that creates such explosive growth, you find your company on the Inc 5000 list— this is what we’re about — your success.

Our approach is consultative. We integrate marketing and technology to create efficiencies and growth. And we play nice with others. We work with over 50 other marketing agencies across the US, where they trust us to deliver on behalf of their clients.

This isn’t a fluke. We were born to change people’s expectations of what it means to work with a tech services company. Too often people who work with external marketing or dev teams exit the experience with disappointment. Either their timelines failed, their promises weren’t delivered, or simply just getting a response was too exhausting. We find that unacceptable. Because we know we can do better. And we do.

Let’s accomplish more together.

Need an expert to point you in the right direction?

Call off the search. We’re agents on behalf of successful companies who understand the value of strategy,
development, and digital marketing. Hire us to fill the gap between your IT and marketing department.
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At the core of everything we do, live our company values. Each one is focused on providing exceptional customer service at every touchpoint.

It’s our CREED

Clarity, Responsiveness, Efficiency, Excellence, and Detail.


When we collaborate with our clients, we speak in plain English and never try and talk over or use industry jargon to hide real issues, or dodge missing milestones.


When you call or email, we answer. It’s as simple as that. In today’s world no one has time for a 5 day response, so we strive to be as responsive to our clients as we can be.


Experience tells us the right route, the right tools, the right platform to achieve your goals in the most cost-effective way possible. We don’t fly blind and expect you to pay for flight lessons.


This is what we are striving for with every project. If you want half-built websites that break on every update, we are not the team for you. We build things with sound foundational approaches that are built to last, as well as evolve.


You never have to guess what is going on. We dig down into each feature and ensure everything we do supports the underlying goal.


Our focus is on building excellent team culture, we like working with each other and our results show that. We also love learning and most importantly teaching. From Lunch and Learns to internships, Oyova has always been about giving people their start in the IT field, all that’s required is drive, hustle and the willingness to learn. Working here, expect to be challenged, expect to grow, expect to learn new tech, and expect to be put in a position to deliver wow results for clients. We aren’t just interested in producing amazing results for our clients, we’re also about producing amazing people.



We want to work with people who have longterm in mind. Those who care about our clients’ success and feel invested in what we’re doing. From IT to SEO we’re passionate experts who provide value to our team members and partners at every turn. If you want to learn from seasoned experts, build fantastic relationships, and join a rewarding team, we want to hear from you.