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Web Application Development

Open Source, Angular, React, Microsoft .Net, even ColdFusion

Our first expertise came from Web Application Development creating online platforms to automate and streamline processes. And we’ve done it with multiple tech stacks.

Looking to stay lean and agile, we are going with the LAMP stack of web application development: Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP. When you choose the open-source route there are tons of pre-built free add-ons you can easily use for your application to build from. The most notable is WordPress. WordPress was originally a blogging platform and has evolved into an application framework where powerful systems can be built. Not only is it powerful, but it’s also easy to learn. It’s an industry-leading platform for websites, web applications, and more.

Microsoft’s .Net platform is a powerful platform that is common within the corporate world. Paired with Microsoft’s Azure Cloud hosting, you’ll have a powerful platform that can handle the rigors of large scalable software. Systems developed in .Net are considered more foundationally sound systems, that are ready for enterprise applications.

Adobe’s ColdFusion Platform is a lesser-known server-side application framework that has been around just as long as PHP and even goes back to the old ASP days. CFML is the language that ColdFusion is written in and while there aren’t many new systems utilizing it today, there are still plenty of legacy applications out there. We are expert CF developers and we have experience with Adobe CF Server, Lucee, and Railo.