Digital Marketing Fails that Prevent Reaching Customers
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10 Digital Marketing Fails that Keep You from Reaching More Customers

10 Digital Marketing Fails that Keep You from Reaching More Customers

Does your online marketing approach deter potential customers?

There are billions of people online these days. What exactly is holding you back from reaching the right customers or pulling in more leads? It must be your approach to digital marketing

Even if your business is booming, generating leads and finding new customers always takes priority — at least for most who know how to run a successful business. Keep in mind these common digital marketing fails when growing your business through online channels.

What’s holding you back from reaching more customers?

1. Disorderly Sales

A lack of organization in your sales system is no way to run a business. So, everyone is piling in through the door of your website all at once? Then, you need to get organized with your sales. Your sales and marketing should work together to constantly lead customers in the right direction. If they are not yet ready to make a purchase, you shouldn’t just forget about them!

This is called a “closed sales” system, where you don’t let a single quality lead go. Instead, you implement various stages of “lead nurturing” for customers who have taken a step into your sales funnel, which is just a fancy way of saying you keep in touch with them (if they’re seriously interested) and wait until they’re finally convinced to buy.

2. MIA Social Media

Do you refuse to join Twitter? Despite the fact that you see no personal advantage in opening a Twitter profile, this doesn’t mean it’s irrelevant to your business. Think of the advantages of being inside your customers’ mobile phones, which they carry with them at all times — literally twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

It pays to get your brand into their hands by connecting with customers where they hang out most, and everyone uses Facebook these days. Never miss out on an opportunity to open profiles on all available social media networks for better reach. Why? Because it’s free!

3. User Un-Friendliness

There’s a reason the term UX was invented. UX is the User Experience. This concept is slowly growing with importance by Google Search Engine standards after the switch was made to favor websites with a responsive web design. The user-friendliness of your website counts. Think of it as the atmosphere of your shop. People are going to leave if it stinks. Your online customers have pretty high standards these days. No one wants to attempt to navigate a tough website (no matter how gorgeous it looks), because they simply don’t have the time!

It’s frustrating for leads (who are actually interested in what you have to offer) to be confronted with a slow, poorly organized or confusing website. So stick with more “traditional” website layouts or elements and keep it as “intuitive” as possible.

4. Search Engine De-Optimization

What exactly is SEO, and how do you make it happen? Without proper Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you are probably De-Optimizing your page. If you don’t know the most common rules of SEO, there is a huge possibility you are actually making it worse. That’s because Google ranks your page using a score that’s calculated using “webmaster guidelines”.

If you don’t follow the guidelines, every time you add a new blog post, page, or link within your content, you may actually be penalized for it according to Google’s Search Engine Optimization rules. And since these are constantly changing, it’s best to consult an expert for better SEO to get your website ranking on the top page.

5. Discrediting Mistakes

One thing that can damage your reputation as an “expert” is a discrediting mistake. It could be bad grammar, an unprofessional look, or something within the content that misrepresents your brand or expertise. Your reputation is all in presentation (and consistency!). Something as minute as an auto-correct spelling error could cost you a solid online appearance of “worthiness” to your customer.

6. Dissing Blogs

What is the point of a blog? Many business owners haven’t quite figured out the importance of simply “diss” blogs. But blogging has a ton of advantages, from boosting your SEO to establishing your own personal ‘news world’ around your specific industry and business. When you begin to think of it as your own news feed for business updates, industry articles, educating an audience, and sharing expertise, it becomes much easier to craft content that gets more customers through the door.

7. Bad Design

Design can stun your customers or even cause them to turn away. That is if your design lacks style, Crap design is ineffective design but not necessarily simple design. In fact, simplicity is a designer’s best friend. Clean lines, sharp images, and blank space add class to your website by conveying a look of professionalism. Don’t clutter up your website; pages should be your first rule of thumb.

8. Unprofessional Presentation

Maybe your content is way too informal. Some may have a hard time connecting words like “expertise” and “professional” with your company if you haven’t conveyed these ideas successfully through content. Imagine the way in which an actual retail shop or waiting room attached to your business would look and feel, then match this degree of “formality” with your digital marketing.

9. Lack of Follow Up

Touché — you forgot about your customers, so they forgot about you. It’s the same thing as the saying, “the phone works both ways”. Never forget your leads. If they are truly interested, they may really appreciate the fact that you haven’t forgotten about them. This is all part of the “lead nurturing” process, where a “gentle reminder” is all that’s required to stay in touch.

10. Nonexistent ROI

No ROI? If your Return on Investment (ROI) is nearly nonexistent, then it looks like your digital marketing approach is in need of some serious revitalization. What’s the point of digital marketing if you aren’t going to up your numbers with new sales figures? If your sales, services/products, and the business approach itself are working with success, yet your digital marketing does nothing for you, then it’s time for a better system.

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