5 Things You Must Understand About Content Marketing
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5 Things You Have to Understand About Content Marketing

5 Things You Have to Understand About Content Marketing

Important Facts About Effective Content Marketing

Content marketing seems simple enough: Put some of your best ideas online, let your customers find them (and be impressed by them), and then watch the new leads come in.

As any veteran business owner or marketer can tell you, however, things are a little tougher than that in the real world. To show you why, and what you can do about it, here are five things you have to understand about content marketing before you can actually make it work:

    1. It Takes More Than a Few Blog Posts

Because there are so many sources of new content on the web these days, you can’t expect a few half-hearted blog posts to make much of a difference. Successful content marketing takes a steady release of unique, insightful articles and infographics over time.

    1. Targeting Is as Important as Writing

It’s not just that you need great content; it’s that you need to find great content that’s a match for your audience. In other words, you need to post about topics your customers care about, not focus on marketing angles that you want to promote.

    1. Content Marketing Is More Than SEO

Certainly, composing keyword-rich pages and posts for search engines to find is an important part of the content marketing process. But, if you’re doing things right, your content marketing should also inspire social media interaction and build your credibility in the minds of customers.

    1. “Content” Can Mean Lots of Things

Although a lot of us equate content marketing to blog posts and articles (like this one), the reality is that good content can entail images, video, and even audio clips. In fact, other types of media are often shared virally over social networks, which can make them even more valuable.

    1. The Right Follow-up Makes All the Difference

It’s important that you have a conversion mechanism that goes along with your content marketing plan. Make sure each article or post ends with a link back to your website – or better yet, an offer that gives the viewer something they can use to learn more.

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