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Advantages of a WordPress Site

Advantages of a WordPress Site

Upsides of Having a WordPress Website

We’re talking with a client about creating a new site, and we’re thinking about using WordPress. Some people are surprised by this. After all, WordPress is often viewed as a DIY web design tool, so why would professionals in web design choose to use it?

First, get over the idea that WP is just a free blogging platform. WordPress has emerged as a powerful yet highly usable content management system. In the hands of skilled web designers and developers, a WordPress site can be as responsive and customized as a traditional website.

The big difference in a WordPress site is that the content — the words and pictures — is stored separately from the form. When a visitor arrives at your WP site, their browser calls for all the pieces of the website, and they’re assembled for the visitor to look at. This description is a bit metaphorical, but the result is clear: you can change and update your content without needing to disturb the more technical parts. That means that you can update your website yourself.

Oyova specializes in website help, and we’re always there when you want changes or upgrades for your website. Still, we know that many clients want control of their content. You might want to be able to change your homepage to reflect seasonal specials, to keep content fresh for SEO purposes, or just to keep your website as agile as your company. With WordPress, you can have that freedom without worrying that you’ll make unintended changes to your design.

The flip side of that is that the design elements can also be changed without changing the content. We can update your look for you with a new skin, without having to implement your content again from scratch. This is a money-saving feature that can lead to significant savings if you like to refresh your design frequently.

So WordPress gives you the flexibility of a typical blogging platform. That doesn’t mean that it has the limitations of one. A WordPress site can have a custom look and functionality. Oyova developers can add and change code to make our client’s site look and work exactly the way they want it to work.

In this case, we’re looking at e-commerce functionality, lots of useful content for SEO and improved user experience, and a site structure that will keep all that content easy to navigate. Considering what the client wants to accomplish, we think a WordPress site will be their best choice. However, what you want in a website may be different, and you might be better off with a different platform. Fortunately, at Oyova we have control over lots of different technologies, so we can work with the one that’s best for your specific needs. Contact us to discuss your vision — it’s the first step toward making it a reality.