Oyova & SalsaLabs Create Catholic Charities USA Website
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Revamping a national charity’s online presence

Revamping a national charity's online presence

Working With a National Charity

In September we partnered up with SalsaLabs for a project to build a new website for a large nonprofit, Catholic Charities USA. SalsaLabs provides an online platform directed at assisting nonprofits with critical aspects of their operations such as organization, fundraising, and communication. Catholic Charities USA happens to be one of the largest charities in the U.S. so we were very excited to be working with them through SalsaLabs.

Oyova was selected to be the expert construction team in making Catholic Charities’ design a reality. Our team worked closely with SalsaLabs and Catholic Charities USA throughout the entire process. We all were able to unify our efforts and fit each of our pieces of the puzzle together to deliver an outstanding new website for Catholic Charities USA. Oyova built the site using WordPress and integrated it seamlessly with the SalsaLabs platform. Our use of WordPress ensured that Catholic Charities USA will now be able to easily manage its content and blog.

After the website launch, there was still alignment to be done with some design decisions and functionality changes. All teams worked to polish the final product into a beautiful work of art that Catholic Charities USA is extremely happy with. This project was the product of effective strategy, gorgeous design, expert site building, collaborative and efficient project management, and a lot of hard work!

Catholic Charities USA