Atlas Protection Systems Partners with Oyova for a Website
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Atlas Secures Oyova’s Services

AppleBox Picks Oyova

Atlas Works with Oyova

Atlas Protection Systems has been keeping its Arizona neighbors safe for some time, and now wants to interest them in some of its other special services, including solar power and entertainment systems.

Atlas came to Oyova for a website that would cover all its services without ending up confusing visitors.

Before the design comes to the discovery process: find out exactly what the website’s goals will be within the client’s business. Some of the questions we ask in this process are these:

  • What do you want visitors to do when they come to your site?
  • What are your primary products and services?
  • What phrase would you use to describe the overall look you want?
  • How would you describe your target audience?
  • Who are some competitors in your market?
  • What are some websites that you like or dislike?

Getting this information helps us produce a website that meets your needs and the needs of your business precisely; it’s completely different from just picking out a template you like, and it gives much better results.

For Atlas, it’s important that the design should help people find the service they want quickly and easily, while also letting them know that there are other services available when they’re ready to explore further. It’s also important to have a quick contact option and call to action so clients will get into a conversation with Atlas right away.

At Oyova, we’d like to be in conversation with you about the website you need for your business. Call us at 904-322-8820.