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Burdette Ketchum selects Oyova Software, LLC

Burdette Ketchum selects Oyova Software, LLC to work with on a new project to be developed in conjunction with BK team members and Oyova’s development team.  Burdette Ketchum and Oyova first worked together on the PlanetHS.com platform with BK creating the stylistic vision and design while we at Oyova took those ideas and translated them flawlessly on to the Web for an extremely successful project.

Although at this time we can not release any details about this project, we are excited that once again, we will be working with such a talented and leading firm here in Jacksonville.  Our team is continually amazed at the quality and insight the exports at BK provide, and we only hope to match their insight with knock out functionality and technical execution.

Some of BK’s previous work includes Daily’s, Baptist Health, iZon, Stellar, Rail America, and Downtown Jacksonville.

Another repeat customer, the epitome of what we strive for at Oyova, deliver expertly crafted solutions at an amazing value, we are proud to be working with BK again.


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