Custom Live Media Streamer Complete for
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Custom Live Media Streamer Complete

Custom Live Media Streamer Complete

At the end of last year’s school year, came to Oyova and inquired about our ability to deliver a replacement product for the Flash Media Live Encoder they were currently using to stream live events for the high schools.  Our R&D team went to work and within 5 days we had a working prototype and began to established a plan on a new product that was custom tailored to

As you can imagine, the default settings, and configuration work previously required to enable schools and clubs to stream live events to the website was cumbersome and quite difficult for some, including a bit of back end work to set it all up.  Our focus was to automate as much of the process as possible and offer a couple click interface to get a stream up and running.

Using the Adobe Air Platform, we were able to deliver a rich interactive desktop streamer that delivers streaming capabilities to school in less than 4 clicks of a mouse, complete with multiple optional configurations for fine tuning a live stream.

With football around the corner, you may just be watching a live high school football game streamed to you by the live streamer Oyova delivered!  Be on the look out for this year is going to be a big year, and Oyova will be right there with them.