Stay on Budget with an All-in-One Business Pages Interface
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Cut Time and Cost with an All-in-One Business Pages Interface

Cut Time and Cost with an All-in-One Business Pages Interface

Marketing Automation is Here to Save the Day

Why is marketing automation the next big thing online? Because it helps businesses save energy on repetitious tasks that bore most people and consume entirely too much time.

What is marketing automation software?

Imagine one easy-to-use platform where all your business profiles and pages stream live in one place. Now it’s possible with digital marketing automation. With each post and social media interaction sent and tracked with the software analytics, it becomes much easier to implement effective marketing campaigns that can be fine-tuned and tailored to meet your particular customer, company, and industry.

Choose your desired marketing automation features:

Benefit from Integrated Data Analysis and Reporting

Get better data analysis and reports in an integrated fashion. Sure you can track the status of your website for free with Google Analytics, but some marketing automation software takes this feature one step further. Some platforms evaluate not just your website traffic, but your social media interactions and the quality of your sales leads.

Social Media Automation

Save Time with Repetitive Social Media Tasks

Unless you’re glued to your phone 24/7, you might be too busy to mess with social media. But potential customers are online by the billions (over 2 billion people use social media!). It takes an exhausting amount of time for a marketing department to handle the overwhelming efforts needed to succeed on social media today. Social media is just like the news in that it requires you to constantly keep up with the latest trends. Not to mention, if you aren’t posting every day — or even several times per day — you still aren’t posting enough. Or at least that’s the way it seems to go by today’s standards.

Email Marketing Analytics

Track Email Marketing Campaigns with Insight

It’s difficult to monitor the effectiveness of an email blast — especially when there are at least 1,000 people as recipients. Now there’s digital marketing automation to help fix this issue. With your email campaigns tracked by marketing automation software, measuring the performance of your email marketing campaigns has never been easier.

Generate Quality Sales Leads

Rate Customer Behaviors and Score Leads

So, you want to track your customers for more insight? Learn what your customers do and don’t like with more in-depth behavior analytics and lead scoring found in the best marketing automation software. Not only does this give you better insight into the type of impression your company makes on customers, but it also allows for easy A/B testing to pinpoint the things that do work.

Increase Sales Leads

Cut Cost Per Lead with One Easy-to-Use Platform

Digital marketing automation multiplies productivity and efficiency. Why? Because with better insight into customer behaviors, it’s much easier to adapt and generate leads. Not to mention, you cut the time and effort it takes to keep up with your business pages by using one great all-in-one interface. The power of scheduling posts and tracking your progress with insight and statistics reduces the cost per lead (CPL) by replacing the old ways with a new innovative process.

Customer Experience

Continuity and Improved Customer Experience

What’s the key to your social media marketing efforts? Consistency. Your customers want to see that you operate much like the USPS — still marching on in the rain, sleet, or snow. It’s what keeps them going. In order to keep up with the content and establish your online presence, you need to post a continuous steady stream of quality content that never ends. The best way to do this is with the right marketing automation software that allows you to schedule posts well in advance and keep up with all your profile in one place.

Ready to upgrade your business pages with digital marketing automation?

We can help. Learn more about our marketing programs and contact Revital Agency — a St. Petersburg web design, content marketing, social media management, and eCommerce web development company.


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