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Exciting New Additions to Google Analytics

Exciting New Additions to Google Analytics

New Google Analytics Features

Any one of our clients knows how much we like Google
Analytics here at Oyova. While out of
the box it can be a bit complex for some business owners, it offers
enterprise-level tracking absolutely free.
Far and away, Google Analytics is the most powerful and consistent
free metric solutions for website owners.

That being said, one feature that people have desired for a
long time was real-time tracking
.  Google
Analytics according to their recent
blog post
 is rolling real-time tracking to account holders out over the next few
weeks.  Real-time tracking allows you to
see how media campaigns (especially social media or email marketing) are taking off, but also for
testing tracking on newly installed or created web pages. So how do you access
it?  Well you can either wait until your
account receives the upgrade over the next few weeks or go to this form and
request access: Google Analytics
form for Real-time Access

To check if you have access, once you login to your Google
Analytics account, look for and click the ”New Version” link at the top:

From there, you can click on the dashboard tab and see the
real-time data:

**Remember though access to this feature will be given out
over the next few weeks.

In addition to real-time metrics, Google Analytics is announcing Google Analytics Premium.  While Google Analytics is a great product,
sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming.
Google Analytics Premium looks to fill in the gaps between a DIY website metrics
solution and a full-featured and supported enterprise solution (like Omniture
Site Catalyst).  While pricing has not
been released, this is probably because each project will be analyzed on an
individual basis. This new product promises greater features, and probably more
importantly a direct line of support from Google 24/7.  For more information, see their blog post
about it.

If you are a business owner looking for some help with Google Analytics, feel free to contact us, and our Google Analytics IQ-certified techs will be more than willing to help.