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Finding out what google sees of your site

Finding out what google sees of your site

Learn What Google Can See

If you’re like everyone else who runs and operates a website, you want to know the work and effort you put into it will be rewarded with increased leads and increased sales. So how do you find out if your content is even being found?  Many, if not most, people don’t know how to find out how well your website is being indexed by google or other search engines.  Now, of course, this post isn’t going to explain all our SEO secrets at once, but here’s a small tip for you small business owners who want to ensure that your website is working for you.

Google Search has a few “hooks” you can use to search and expand on the functionality of Google search. The one I most use is “site:”  For example, if I search on “” Google will show me every piece of content google has indexed from our site.

Notice to the left that there are 62 indexed pieces of content for the Oyova Software website. This means that each one of these pages has the ability to be displayed in response to a search query performed by a potential customer.

If you have a site that is selling a product, you need to have each and every product show up in this search. If not, you have an entire catalog of products and services that potential customers will never know about, short of coming to your site directly and exploring your products.

Solving this issue could mean a complicated development undertaking, or it could simply mean you have broken links on your website and Google’s web crawlers can’t find their way to your content.

One solution to this problem is to use a site map on your website and ensure you have clear and direct links in your site map to all your content, products, and services.  Find out how to create sitemaps specifically for Google to ensure your content gets discovered and indexed.

If you’re not ready to tackle broken links, XML, text file sitemaps, and more, this is where Oyova Software can help.  We distill the complex into the right solution, and we know how to turn your website into a visible, indexed, performing website.  After all, you invest time and effort into your site; make sure it’s working for you.