How to Get a Better Backlink Profile for Your Website
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Get a better Backlink Profile for your company website

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Drive Website Traffic with a Better Backlink Profile

Do you struggle to connect traffic to your online pages? One of the biggest challenges a company faces with online marketing today is securing links to relevant sources.

You need a better backlink profile to improve SEO and pull in the right audience. The catch is that a link could even count against you. Get a backlinking strategy that helps you rank higher in the search engines to reach potential customers and generate leads.

How can you improve your backlink profile to drive website traffic?

Gaining Domain Authority

Before you even start, you’ll want to check the domain authority of your page. Websites like Moz provide tools that rank pages by domain authority using an algorithm based on trustworthiness. This means that the less “spammy” your content appears, the higher the domain authority of your site. Just insert your URL on MozRank to view your own domain authority.

Measuring Backlink Success

Take a look at the links already on your pages that bring in the most users. Focus in on which links are clicked when entering your website to determine the right direction for future links posted. The best way to do this is with tools like Google Page Analytics and related marketing automation software that provide click-through rates, bounce rates, and feedback on customer behaviors. You can download the Google Page Analytics plugin that works when using Chrome.

Avoiding Penalties with “nofollow” Links

Although you thought you were doing a great job of securing links, you can actually receive a penalty in Google Search Engine ranks for links to websites with low-ranking domain authority. The simplest way to solve this issue is to avoid the penalty altogether without removing these links. This can be accomplished by specifying “nofollow” in the HTML of a hyperlink. This is the way a “nofollow” link should look like after switching to text view:

<a rel=”nofollow” href=””>Display Text</a>

Keeping Content Fresh and Relevant

Content can make or break your backlink strategy. The freshness factor of content is an algorithm implemented by Google. That is, there is a rank benefit of securing new, “good backlinks” with continuous content updates. The search engines favor websites with a new and updated backlink profile.

Not only this but the content itself must be relevant. Even if you succeed in securing high domain authority links, this doesn’t always work to your benefit. That’s because the search engine algorithm reads your site’s keywords with bots that classify the categories and topics that fit the content.

Once your website is indexed for certain types of content, the links must also reflect the same topics and categories or else Google starts to get suspicious. Remember, Google is a fickle search engine when it comes to ranks with everyone in the world competing to win trust.

Still confused about securing a better backlink profile?

We can help you form a backlink strategy. Learn more about our marketing programs and contact Oyova — a Jacksonville, Florida web design, content marketing, social media management, and eCommerce web development company.


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