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Do You Hate Your Job? Blame the Work Culture.

Do You Hate Your Job? Blame the Work Culture.

Finding the Right Work Culture

You’ve probably heard higher-ups talk about work “culture” – laying out the words but never really explaining what they mean or how they affect you. You’ve probably tossed it aside and didn’t think much of it. Or maybe the company you work for didn’t really think about “culture” and this is something new to you. Well, in either case, if you and your company don’t value work culture, you’re both destined to fail.

Why Work Culture Matters

What’s the first thing you do when you apply for a job? Check out how much you’ll be making. Sure. But do you take the time to research the company? Do you know if it’s a structured team or a dog-eat-dog mess? Now, you might like the dog-eat-dog scenario, but if you accept a job at a more structured, team-oriented company, you’re going to be miserable.

Culture at work usually begins with Core Values. Most companies create a framework of values they expect the company, and its employees, to adhere to. Smart companies will use these core values in their hiring process – making sure they only hire people who meet their values. This allows for them to create a team of like-minded people who can work cohesively, create efficiency and be productive.

Companies that don’t understand the culture or the importance of it in business create an environment where employees are unhappy and bored – creating a turnover rate that is through the roof.

What to Look for When Applying for a Job

If you interview with a company you really want to work for, be sure to do your research.

  • Ask questions. Find out what their Core Values are and what they’re all about.
  • Look around. Are employees happy? Or do they seem stressed out and ready to go postal?
  • Check out social media. What are people saying?
  • Visit their website. Does it seem like the type of company you’d want to work for?

If you want to be a badass at what you do, you need to surround yourself with other badasses. You want to work in a badass work environment that you enjoy. So go out there and find the right company for you.