Turn Digital Marketing on AutoPilot w/ Marketing Automation
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How to Turn Digital Advertising on Auto Pilot — Try Marketing Automation

How to Turn Digital Advertising on Auto Pilot — Try Marketing Automation

What’s the Best Way to Increase Digital Marketing Efficiency?

Save time and money with marketing automation. One of the hottest digital marketing trends of 2015 is marketing automation — an easier way to streamline the process.

What exactly does marketing automation offer businesses?

The goal of marketing automation is to increase productivity by replacing tedious tasks with refined methods. Good software shifts your online activities to autopilot and improves your reach so that it’s smooth sailing with social media, emails, blog posts, and other online customer interactions. Not to mention, it gives you plenty of data to analyze and refine your digital marketing approach.

>Customer Relationship Management

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Many have turned to the latest software for CRM or customer relationship management. A good CRM applies marketing, support, sales, and feedback capabilities to organize and improve the quality of customer relations and save time on menial tasks. CRMs include features for budgeting, calendars, faxes, texts, and other online tools to help manage interactions and sales. The most popular CRM software on the market includes Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and Act-On — which is rated at the top in customer satisfaction for price and intuitive user interface.

Social Media Management

Social Media Management

Sick of spending all your time posting on social media? Get all your social media streams and profiles like Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest all in one place. Marketing automation allows you to cut the time you spend on social sharing campaigns in a platform that displays your company’s social media profiles and posts altogether live. Use the social media management program to schedule future social media interactions and blog posts. The features include profile management, engagement and promotion tools, social analytics, and blog integration for easy posting and publicity tracking.

Sales and Lead Management

Lead Management

The best thing about marketing automation is the observation of sales leads. Many of the best tools make use of a lead database, lead tracking, lead scoring, and sales insights to help you stay on top of the numbers and reach your sales goals. The most amazing part about it is the behavioral analysis capabilities that provide insight into how customers react to your digital marketing efforts. Marketo Lead Management is a software solely dedicated to lead observation and tracking for more effective digital marketing.

Email Marketing Management

Email Marketing Management

Many turn to marketing automation to handle a large volume of emails. If your campaigns consist of batch email marketing, then you may benefit from marketing automation software that provides features like email delivery and online reputation management. Many softwares offer a platform to schedule and send emails as well as create lists and stay on top of responses.

Online Marketing Campaign

Marketing Campaign Programs

Some of the most popular marketing automation software also help get you started organizing marketing campaign programs. With features such as program management, landing page, and webinar creation, and program cloning, it’s much easier to launch new products and services or set up a new campaign than ever before. The time you save multiplies as each preorganized campaign goes by.

Marketing Analysis

Integrated Data and Analysis

The best software for marketing automation provide outstanding analytics. If you need more insight into search engine optimization and sales for your digital marketing needs, then you may benefit from marketing automation software. Choose the right program for a long list of features such as web and ROI analytics, SEO keyword search, basic purchase and customer reporting, and sales cycle metrics. No digital marketing effort is optimized for effectiveness without good data analysis, so start by refining your methods through observation with an easy-to-use platform.

Still not sure how digital marketing works?

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