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Important Questions to Pose to a Web Application Development Agency

Web Application Development Agency

Partnering with a web application development agency is a significant decision that will have a tremendous impact on the growth trajectory of your business and the efficacy of your digital product. With that in mind, you must ask the right questions when searching for the top web app development companies and looking for a prospective partner.

However, many business leaders overlook this crucial step when hiring a web application development agency. Unfortunately, many brands do not know what questions to ask, and they end up contracting the services of an agency that’s not the best fit — a problem that could have been easily avoided by asking the right questions.

The US’s best web app development agencies proactively answer these questions to provide an exceptional client experience — this is one of the reasons Oyova is so successful. So if you’re researching which agency is right for your company, look at their website and blog to see if they’ve already proven themselves to be an agency you can trust to handle your brand.

Why Is Asking Questions Important?

Asking questions is vital because web app development services can be incredibly costly. If you’re paying a pretty penny to get your web app developed, you need to make sure that you’re working with the best US web app development agency you can find.

Posing questions will also provide insights into the agency’s skill set. For instance, ask if they’re a startup web app development agency or a well-established firm that has experience working with your industry. While taking a chance on a startup might save you money, it is also hazardous.

Additionally, asking questions will help you define the project’s scope, price point, and desired outcome. By posing the questions, you keep everyone in alignment.

So what questions should you be asking your potential agency? While there are many to choose from, we suggest that you start by asking:

Do You Have Any References?

An experienced web application development agency will provide you with plenty of references that prove work quality and expertise. There’s no need to gamble with your time and resources by partnering with a company that doesn’t have excellent references.

When considering the validity of references, you should pay close attention to the company’s number of reviews and the clients they’ve provided worked. For instance, Oyova has many positive reviews from varying clients and an excellent rating on the third-party tech review site Clutch.

Do You Outsource Anything?

The best web development agencies in the US handle your entire project in-house. Conversely, those with limited resources or expertise tend to outsource several facets of development projects.

Outsourcing can create many headaches during your application development. When several entities are working on your project, communication breakdowns can cause costly delays. Outsourcing also raises concerns about data security since your data becomes scattered across multiple networks, servers, and devices. With that in mind, you should strive to find a partner that handles everything in-house.

Where Are You Based Out Of?

When selecting a web application development agency, you should verify that your partner is a US-based company. While there are plenty of talented application developers worldwide, US-based firms can provide better flexibility and more reliable communication.

Partnering with a US-based firm also helps guard against cultural misunderstandings or communication issues that may stem from language barriers. A US agency will also better understand your brand’s needs and the nuances of serving domestic consumers.

What Technology Stacks Do You Use?

Asking about an agency’s technology stack is essential for several reasons. Ideally, you want an agency that is “full-stack,” meaning that they perform all front-end (user-facing) and back-end (behind the scenes) development work necessary to make your app function flawlessly.

Web app-building companies that are not full-stack may not be able to develop a front-end system that can scale and integrate appropriately with a back-end system — or vice versa. As a result, they will likely need to involve another development agency to complete your project.

What Will My Involvement Have to Be?

Delegating the responsibility of app creation to a web application development agency should reduce your workload and free you up to focus on managing the core aspects of your business. However, if an agency does not have clear expectations regarding your involvement, they may frequently reach out to you during the project, adding friction to the entire process.Benefits of Custom PHP Development

Conversely, a great agency will gather as much data as possible in advance to keep future communications brief, concise, and focused. They will be reaching out to you to keep you in the loop, not bog you down with unnecessary details or design questions that should have been answered months ago.

What Is the Communication Process?

Establishing clear communication expectations from the outset of a partnership will help keep a project’s timeline on track. It will also reduce friction between you and your development agency, keep everyone on the same page, and reduce the risk of costly delays. Make sure to identify who the agency’s point of contact will be and how frequently you need to receive updates.

Do You Offer Custom Development?

Even if you do not expect to require custom development, choosing a web application development firm that offers a bespoke experience provides you with more options. Many clients opt for custom functionalities late in the app development process. Those who work with a firm that does not offer custom development either have to leave these functionalities out of the project or seek a third party to design them.

Agencies offering custom development also display a better general technical baseline than agencies offering generic development services. As such, a custom development agency will likely provide you with a more robust and dynamic deliverable, even if you choose not to incorporate any custom features into your app.

That rounds out our list of questions to pose your web development partner. By asking these questions, you can find the ideal web application development agency for your brand and ensure that your final deliverable perfectly aligns with the needs of your business.