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Is Your Website Underemployed?

Is Your Website Underemployed?

Custom Site for Rock a Baby Wall Quotes

The internet is a powerful tool, but many businesses still treat their websites as though they’re the same as a billboard.

Oyova is currently building a special tool for Rock a Baby Wall Quotes, an online store selling vinyl words and phrases that stick onto a wall and look as though they’ve been painted on. They offer a variety of quotes and sayings, but parents can also make their own, including their baby’s names and other special touches.

In order to make this possible, customers need to be able to type in the words they want, choose from Rock a Baby’s 46 colors, pick one of 80 lettering styles, and choose a size. There are literally millions of possible combinations. Then the tool needs to calculate the size and price and put the item into the shopping cart. While it’s easy enough to do this in person at a store, it’s complicated to build an online form that will do the same thing.

Owner Andrea Pascale had asked her web designer to do the job eight months before, and the designer had tried, but this just isn’t a simple design job. Attempts had been made and emails were flying back and forth, but the tool just wasn’t working the way Andrea envisioned it. For a job like this, you need a developer. At Oyova, we have the tech skills to take your great idea for your website and make it a reality.

Andrea made the switch to Oyova and had to start over, but she says “just the peace of mind is so
totally worth it!  PLUS, it’s looking so great. I just love it!”

Are there jobs your website could be doing for you if your web pros knew how to build the tools you need? Contact Oyova to discuss your dream and how we can help you bring it to life.