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Online Marketing for North Florida

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Improve Your Florida Digital Marketing

The internet has blurred geographic lines when it comes to business. People on different sides of the world can work together, you can shop from stores in other parts of the country, and sometimes you neither know nor care where the company whose site you visit is physically located.

Sometimes, however, it matters a lot. You may not care where your architect’s office is, but your contractor has to be on the ground with you.

So, if you serve North Florida and only North Florida, or even just Jacksonville, how do you make sure that the search engines offer your site to the right people?

Take the example of Paradise Pool Service, a local company for which Oyova is building a handsome new website.

We’re making sure that they have plenty of content that tells the search engines right where they are:

  • a local phone number in the header
  • a local address on the Contact page
  • the words “Northeast Florida” in the first sentence of their main content
  • the phrase “Paradise Pool Service, Serving Duval, St. Johns, and Clay Counties” in their footer
  • a reference to the geographic area in the text on every page
  • alt text (the description for the pictures seen by search engines) referring to the location of the pools in the pictures

Another example is Plan Ahead Events Jacksonville, an event planning company here in Jacksonville.

While we blog for them about topics that are equally important to people planning corporate events in any town, we make sure that the specifically Florida events are always identified. We use the names of towns whenever it’s natural to do so. We link to local websites.

All of these things help search engines decide just where you are.

Beyond what’s on your own website, search engines also use citations to confirm the information you’ve provided.

Citations are mentions of your company, with or without a link, on other websites. Your listings in local business directories are examples of citations. The Better Business Bureau, Chamber of Commerce, your local sponsorships, and online newspapers and magazines are further examples of good local citations.

Make sure your website is optimized for local search, get as many good local citations as you can, and watch your local search rankings rise.

Need some help with that? Call Oyova at 904-322-8820 and we’ll be glad to assist. We specialize in Jacksonville Web Design and Development.