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Oyova Helps the Knights of Columbus

Oyova Helps the Knights of Columbus

Oyova Works With the Knights of Columbus

Knights of Columbus Council #3381  in Liberal, Kansas, needed some help getting ready for this year’s toy drive. They needed a special database that would allow them to track the families applying for the service, which provides toys for needy children at Christmas.

Sergio Padilla explained the system. “We have to keep track of the number of kids in the family, their ages, boys and girls, and their special needs,” in order to match the right toys to the right kids. In addition, the Knights of Columbus work with two agencies that help ensure that all the families meet the criteria and that no family is listed twice or overlooked. Serving over 300 families every year with as many as 800 total kids, Padilla said, they were beginning to find the data overwhelming.

Oyova was glad to help. Our team was able to create a new applicant tracking web database that could get a handle on all that information so the Knight of Columbus could put their energy into fundraising and helping the kids, not into paperwork. We’re happy to donate our time to this valuable organization.

Thanks, Sergio, for letting us be a part of this worthy cause–and keep up the good work!