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Oyova Team Grows Adding Another Coding Ninja

Oyova Team Grows Adding Another Coding Ninja

New Hire for Oyova’s Coding Team

Starting a few months ago, we realized that our business was growing at a rapid pace, and we needed to augment our web development team.  After reviewing candidates, we are excited to welcome Ethan Logue to the Team.  To help get to know Ethan, we sat down and asked him some questions:

Corey: What is your experience in the field?

Ethan: I’ve been involved in web design and development for nearly eight years as a hobby and about four years professionally.

Corey: What are some of your hobbies?

Ethan: Travelling, cycling, hiking, computers, gaming.  That is right ladies a developer that makes it outside 🙂

Corey: Why did you choose Oyova to work at?

Ethan: Oyova’s growth in the market and the quality of the work they produce were very appealing to me. Through the innovative use of emerging technologies and modern web standards, Oyova sets itself apart from run-of-the-mill design and development companies.

Corey: Why do you enjoy development?

Ethan: I enjoy the challenge of creating something both functional and visually appealing from essentially nothing. Turning an idea or a design into a finished product that a person can later use and interact with.

Corey: What technologies are you excited about in the future?

Ethan: The advancements in the mobile environment have me the most excited. The blurring of the boundaries between the mobile environments and desktop environments through faster mobile devices and practices such as responsive design.

We were extremely lucky to find Ethan, and cannot wait to see the great work he is going to bring to the table for our clients.

Oyova Software is thankful to all our partners that have powered our exponential growth in this tough economy.  We look forward to continuing the high-quality support and web development with Ethan joining our team.