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SilkRoad technology onboards Oyova

Starting in July of 2011, Oyova Software, LLC will begin working alongside the development team at SilkRoad technology in an effort to help meet some critical milestones in their premier recruiting management and applicant tracking system, OpenHire. David Murphy reached out to Oyova inquiring about how adding Oyova to their plan could help them meet their goals for the current year and empower SilkRoad to be ready for a major product release.  After careful planning and review on how our teams can effectively work together, a plan was put in place to utilize Oyova’s development talent to augment the already talented staff at SilkRoad and assist with a plan to ensure SilkRoad meets and exceeds their customers expectations. SilkRoad’s goal is to help their customers to gain an advantage by managing the entire career cycle of for their employees through recruiting management, onboarding, performance management, learning management, intranet content management and core HR. SilkRoad helps you bring in the best talent and keep it for the long term.  SilkRoad technology is a privately held company based in Chicago, IL, with offices around the globe. Their customers include a diverse set of industry leaders. Oyova Software provides on-demand development resources, and industry experience to enable our clients to meet their deadlines, and achieve their goals.


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