2015 Top Digital Advertising Tools for Marketing Automation
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Top Rated Digital Advertising Tools for Marketing Automation 2015

Top Rated Digital Advertising Tools for Marketing Automation 2015

Looking at Tools for Marketing Automation to Streamline the Process?

What separates good marketing automation software from bad? It’s user-friendly and makes a great investment since it saves time and money. Find out which is the best software to streamline the digital marketing process.

Which marketing automation software are top-rated in 2015?

Oracle Eloqua

Arguably the most popular automation software of them all, Oracle Eloqua provides an easy-to-use platform for sharing content. It’s considered one of the most powerful marketing automation platforms with an easy way to build new campaigns and integrate over +100 third-party streams in one place.

What’s the catch? It doesn’t integrate with Google Adwords and remains one of the most expensive priced at least $2,000 per month.


Try Hubspot for automation software that’s great for email marketing and lead management. The lead feature allows you to follow up on customer interactions for integrated data analytics and reporting. It’s among the easiest to learn and get started quickly. Not to mention, it’s about a 10th of the cost of Eloqua starting at only $200 per month.

What’s best about Hubspot? Paid tech support. What’s the worst?  It’s not really the most efficient CRM (customer relationship management) software on the market.


Manage content with smart email marketing and customer tracking with Infusionsoft. The universal tracking feature allows you to monitor online behaviors on your pages. Many buy into Infusionsoft’s sales cycle management feature, but other additions include WordPress integration, a great training and support team, and detailed sales and marketing reports.

What’s the best part? The costs come in at $200 to $300 per month to start. Some customers pass on this software due to unreliable tracking, excessive features, additional fees, and a steep learning curve.

IBM Unica

What makes IBM Unica software preferred for enterprise marketing? It’s versatile, reports with integrated analytics and insight, and makes for an easy marketing automation program to use once you work your way up the learning curve. IBM’s Unica software comes in as one of the top-rated programs for enterprise marketing management.


Marketo makes for the most useful analysis and data reporting automation software. It has the capacity to develop content creation emails, landing pages, and marketing campaigns in half the time. Although Marketo makes for a great start for small to medium-sized businesses, it’s not the best option for large-scale enterprises. The price also brings it down a notch when comparing the competitor’s value and cost, as it starts at just under $900 per month.


Want the best marketing automation software for B2B sales? Try Pardot, a preferred automation tool for lead management and batch email marketing. With it’s built-in lead scoring capability and sales alerts, you can keep track of which interactions generate leads. Although, the pricey cost of +1000 per month may be a setback for some.


Ready to connect with your audience using social media automation? SimplyCast includes an auto-response tool that makes interacting with customers easier than ever before. Use this marketing automation software for email marketing, landing page generation, faxes, voicemails and social media management.

Some report inaccurate tracking with credits used on Simplycast, which counts as a con. But for the low price starting at just $99 per month, it may be worth it.

Wondering how to set up your accounts for easy marketing automation?

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