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What a Difference a Website Can Make!

What a Difference a Website Can Make!

Knights of Columbus Assisted by a Website

When the Knights of Columbus Council #3381  in Liberal, Kansas, came to
Oyova needing a better system for their Toys for Tots drive, we were
able to build them something that worked with their established workflow
and yet addressed their concerns and solved problems that had been
making it hard to keep up with their growing program.

Thursday, they picked up applications for 223 families with 569
children. By Monday morning all the information was in the database. It
was easy to print pick sheets and delivery sheets, so the volunteers
were able to fill and set up all the orders for delivery in just three

Printing out letters for each family was easy, too, since
the computer program automated much of the work. By the end of the
evening, letters had been printed, addressed, and mailed.

On Saturday, 223 bags of toys will be delivered to needy families.

well-functioning system lets any organization make the best use of its
resources. It can let a small business accomplish goals like a big one.
It can let a big business provide service like a small one. It can let a
small group of volunteers make a big difference.

Don Smith, of
the Knights of Columbus, shared his pleasure in how smoothly the new
software made the process go. His letter described the efficiency the
group achieved, and ended with one important word: “Smile.”

Oyova, that’s one of the most important things we can provide for your
company or organization. Less stress, more satisfaction, and an easier
way to meet your goals.