What's the Best Branding Strategy for Growing Your Business
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What’s the Best Branding Strategy for Growing Businesses

Brand strategy for growing business

A growing business needs an effective way to gain more customers. Adopting a branding strategy will optimize the time spent on customer acquisition and grow your customer base.

Customer acquisition is one part of your business process that can and should be streamlined. It’s better to reduce the amount of time and effort spent on reaching new customers. This can be done by refining a process through trial and error and taking a closer look at the numbers in analytics software to uncover the most effective approach.

Identify Your Target Audience

The first step is to identify who you’re speaking to. This can be done by taking a good look at your customer and distinguishing anything they may have in common. Knowing your customer’s interests and manner of expression will help you adapt your branding strategy to speak to your target audience. This may include a list of preferred platforms, visual concepts, ideas, and places online.

People who like your stuff

Speak to Happy Customers

Your happy customers can teach you a lot about the value of your products. One branding strategy to help reach more customers is talking to those people who are satisfied with your product. There are plenty of questions you can ask happy customers for more insight into what works:

What did you think about the product before purchase?

What did you think of the website design and brand experience?

Why were you searching for the product or what problem will it solve?

What compelled you to want to buy?

Why did you choose us?

What did you think?

Some of the most useful information will come from your best customers. Continuing to update this information by requesting surveys or sending questionnaires following a purchase could uncover ways to reduce the cost of customer acquisition dramatically.

Reverse Engineer Referrals

Reverse Engineer

After identifying your audience and speaking with customers reverse engineer your referrals to find out which referral sources are most effective. Did you show up with a search, or did they already know where to look? And, which social media platforms and websites source the most referrals? An easy way to reverse engineer your referrals is by adding this to the list of questions you ask in a survey upon purchase. But you can also see this information for online sources in your analytics. Once you know which referral sources work best, it will be much simpler to decide where to dedicate most of your time in marketing.

Live, Breathe, Be Your Brand

An effective brand is precise, unique, and unwavering. It’s good for brands to adapt to the times, but all-in-all your overall message should always remain the same. The more you can develop your own personal brand identity into something tangible (through graphics, video, audio, and copy), the more people you will attract to your brand. Not only will it capture them, your brand will also be much more tangible, thus memorable.

Defining a brand identity or branding your company is essential in the 21st Century.

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