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Case for Hiring Millennials to Handle Your Marketing

Why Hire Millennials to Do Your Marketing for You

Top Reasons You Need a Team of Millennials for Marketing

The internet — millennials get it. Are you disgusted by pictures of cats? Do you find the internet a disgrace? Does your ship struggle to navigate the tides of digital marketing online?

Stop, and get your ship together. You need millennials to handle digital marketing.

Let’s face it — the 21st Century world online is a shifty place. One minute you’re surfing the web for a video, then you click through only to get Rick Rolled or Troll LOL’d. It’s times like these when you start to wonder if there exists a force out there that’s powerful enough to sort out the noise and nonsense for you. Entrust this task to the experts — you need millennials.

Top reasons to hire millennials to do your marketing:

You’re Sick of Cat Pictures

surprised cat

Millennials have accepted cat pictures as a necessary aspect of sharing and building an online community. Computer people are often introverts, and to generalize humans even further, introverts like cats. In essence, cats are here to stay. There’s nothing you can do about this except hire a group of millennials to manage your website and online pages for you.

Goodbye kitty.

Social Media Makes No Sense to You

on cell phone upset

What the heck is Twitter? This is often the plight of most people who never grew up with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, WordPress, Slideshare, Linkedin, Google+, Reddit, Yaak — you get the idea. Everything from tweets to timelines and blogs exists in a world beyond your interest.

Not to worry. Millennials have already been conditioned to accept openly what the internet throws at them. Without this ability to quickly adapt to the invisible world, they would lack the necessary skills expected to succeed by entire generations today.

We’re Quick to Adopt the Latest Technology

smartphone vs book

For millennials, we know the drill. On average, millennials are 2.5x more likely to readily adopt the latest technology than those born before 1977. Since the date of our birth, technology has been rapidly changing to be integrated into the very fabric of our daily lives. What happens when we fail to adapt? Everything falls apart! Millennials have a knack for keeping up with the latest technological crazes that take center stage.

Younger Buyers = Lifetime Customers

brand fan

Many target the younger generations for the simple fact that the youth is the key to lifetime customers. Millennials have a better understanding of how to appeal to the younger generations, which helps when targeting. Your brand is a potent force that you can use to build customer loyalty. Branding with millennials makes your marketing much more memorable to younger generations so that your long-term plans for success are reinforced over time.

We Were the Original Guinea Pigs

guinea pigs

The computer, the internet, the cellphone, wireless — it was all made for us. Now you might be thinking, sounds about right coming from a member of the “entitled generation”, but in reality, this stuff was made and marketed to us.

The heads at Microsoft and IBM were not thinking, “let’s charm the older generations by helping them to understand how computers work”, they said, “let’s come out with a new version of what we’re doing as often as possible.” Only the younger generations could keep up when computers were nonexistent for the majority of most non-millennials lives.

Instead, the forward-thinking innovators and industry leaders set the pace for rapid change and instilled this love of digital in an entire generation to shape what we call today, the “millennials”.

Need a team of millennials to do your marketing for you?

These days online marketing grows ever more complicated with each passing year. Social media, web design, content marketing, and lead nurturing are best left to the experts. You need millennials to do your marketing for you, so give us a call.


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