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WordPress 3.1 is Here

WordPress 3.1 is Here

Understanding WordPress 3.1

WordPress is a CMS and web development platform originally designed for blogs, but we at Oyova use it to build all kinds of fine new websites, including the new site for Paradise Pool Service which you see here.

WordPress constantly updates and improves its platform, and they have recently unveiled its 14th version, WordPress3.1.

This new version has some features which have made it much easier for our clients to use to update their own websites. Previously, you had to sign into the administration area of your site to do your updates. Now you can make your WP updates from the front. Log into your account and stay logged in.

Now go to your website. A ribbon across the top of the screen shows you if you have comments to respond to or updates to make. One click takes you to the screen for writing a new post, and dropdown menus allow you to do the most common tasks or visit the most commonly used areas.

Linking up to other pages on your site is easier now, too, and you have more screen options. Where previously your screen might have been a forest of different boxes and choices, you will now see only the elements that you often use, and you can set it up to show or hide any elements you choose just by clicking on “screen options” in the top right corner.

These are the most immediately visible changes for site owners.

There are lots of other features as well, and some of them mean that we can now customize your WordPress site more completely than we could before. If we do your updates, we may be able to include more media than we could previously, and we may be able to do them faster and therefore more economically than before.

If you’d like a guide to help you explore them more easily, contact Oyova. This may also be just the right time to switch to a WordPress website. As you can see, WordPress sites look great, and now they’re easier to handle, too.