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Your Website’s Place in Your Marketing Plan

Where does your website fit into your marketing plan for 2011? One of the great things about a website is that it’s like a sign: it’s always up and doing it’s job for you, 24/7, without your having to schedule it. On the other hand, your website is also like your other promotion or advertising efforts, in that it can let you take advantage of seasonal buying patterns. It’s also like your market research team in that it gathers data for you which can alert you to the changing interests and behaviors of your customers, not to mention those seasonal buying patterns. So put your website into your marketing plan in the same way you do signs, phone book listings, Chamber of Commerce membership, and other items that you implement and then leave alone to do their work. But also put your website on your marketing calendar:
  • Blog about seasonal and timely issues as they arise. Use your analytics to identify the things your customers are concerned about throughout the year, looking back at previous years and also watching for upcoming trends. If you don’t have a blog (and you should), think about adding articles or white papers.
  • Use your analytics to determine the points in the year when your customers begin looking for particular products or information, and schedule special promotions at the times they’ll get the best response.
  • Make good use of slow times by scheduling linkbuilding campaigns to increase the reach of your website. Participating in forums, asking for links from sites that would benefit from the connection, and adding your website to relevant directories can make your website visible to more customers, and reduce future slow times.
If your website isn’t up to the job, now is the time to get on Oyova’s calendar. Contact us to discuss your needs and the best solutions.


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