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Legal Defensive Service Plans



CCW SAFE is a company that is dedicated to keeping CCW (Concealed Carry Weapon) owners safe by offering legal defensive service plans. They are committed to providing their clients with peace of mind, knowing that they have the necessary legal protection in case they ever have to use their firearm in self-defense. CCW SAFE’s primary focus is on serving CCW owners, and they strive to provide them with the highest level of protection possible. One thing that sets CCW SAFE apart from other companies is that they are one of only two companies in the industry offering this service. With their unique approach, CCW SAFE is setting the standard for legal defensive service plans for CCW owners.

The Challenge

The previous website of the company faced several challenges due to its platform as a service structure for user subscriptions. With a history of many previous products, the existing platform required numerous workarounds to fit the company’s specific business needs. Additionally, the previous platform was proprietary, which made it difficult to scale and customize according to the company’s growing business requirements. Consequently, there was a significant amount of data migration work required to move the company away from this proprietary platform. Eventually, the company migrated to a woocommerce solution that offered a highly customizable and flexible platform, which was better suited to their business needs. The move to this new platform resolved the previous issues, and the company was able to better serve its customers with a user-friendly and effective website.

Project Goals & Solution

What was the approach proposed by Oyova?

  • Get them off of “peoplevine”.
  • Migrate user data, CC subs, payment history, past documents, affiliate transaction and payout data.
  • Migrate CC tokens to avoid 60k users updating CC info.
  • Improved site SEO
  • Improved UI/UX
  • Integrations with active campaign, abandon cart, various marketing automation
  • Membership card available in Apple + Android wallet
  • Various backend features for improved customer service workflows and productivity


After analyzing the challenges faced by the company’s previous website, it was decided that a highly customized Woocommerce build would be the ideal solution to achieve the company’s goals. The Woocommerce platform would allow for maximum flexibility and customizations to the user experience, shopping flow, product selection, and back-end processes. This level of customization was crucial to meeting the company’s growing business needs and keeping up with changing customer expectations. With this new solution, the company would be able to create a user-friendly website that would be easy to navigate and use. The highly customized Woocommerce build would enable the company to offer a seamless and engaging customer experience, and also streamline their business operations for maximum efficiency. Overall, this decision was seen as the best path forward to achieving the company’s goals and keeping up with the evolving demands of the marketplace.


The new site built on Woocommerce is significantly different from the previous site built on PeopleVine, primarily due to the difference in the platforms themselves. PeopleVine is a proprietary platform that offers limited flexibility for customizations. On the other hand, Woocommerce is an opensource platform that provides ultimate flexibility to customize any part of the e-commerce experience for the back-office as needed to support the business for many use cases. This allows the company to tailor the website to their specific business needs and better serve their customers. Additionally, the new site built on Woocommerce offers a more user-friendly experience, making it easier for customers to find what they’re looking for and make purchases. The new site also streamlines back-end processes, making it easier for the company to manage their business operations efficiently. Overall, the key differences between the old and new sites are the level of flexibility and customization offered by the platforms, the user experience, and the back-end processes.