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Rebrand and site redesign for improved User Experience

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About The Client:

Red leaf is a family-owned and operated sports nutrition business that prides itself on helping others live their best life while providing impeccable customer service, great products, engaging content, and being a valuable contributor to the Indianapolis community. Their vision is to empower individuals to become the healthiest version of themselves.

Red Leaf finds its purpose is to help its tribe live their lives to the fullest without compromising who they are. People choose Red Leaf because they provide pure, clean products that keep them happy and healthy so they can continue to do the things they love and do them to the fullest


Our initial web design was not working the way we envisioned so we hired Oyova to make functional design changes and improve the overall functionality of our eCommerce engine. That has evolved into doing a complete re-brand of the website and we have engaged them in digital marketing consulting as well.

Project Goals:

To create a well-functioning online store that fits within our mission of providing engaging content, excellent products, and service. In addition, we wanted ease of use to be a guiding principle when coming to our site and shopping.


They re-designed the back end of the website while maintaining the design elements that we loved. They integrated a new development tool that allowed us to make certain changes on our own, which ultimately reduced the cost we would have paid them or another developer. In addition, they helped us learn how to optimize our content for SEO rank and also worked with us in creating a digital marketing campaign.


We are thrilled with our project and have actually engaged them to work on the re-design of our re-branded site.


The thing we liked most about their process was having a single point of contact we could interact with. Our account manager, Beth, has been terrific and is very responsive. In addition, during the development phase, we had routine updates and calls with Ryan, the chief developer. Finally, the financial aspect was very transparent, with weekly updates on hours devoted to the project compared to the budget. There were no surprises on cost.

The project’s outcome thrilled the nutrition business. The team at Ovoya was effective, transparent, and communicative. They were focused on business outcomes, preventing delays, or communication failures.