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Sleek, modern redesign with a focus on User Experience

neurolens-before neurolens-after

About the Client

Neurolens offer the world’s finest and only prescription lenses that add contoured prisms. Their revolutionary design brings eyes into alignment, relieving headaches, neck and shoulder pain, and eye strain.


Neurolens needed an updated website that was more aesthetically pleasing, spoke directly to their demographic, and provided a more streamlined user experience.


Oyova supported their website redesign and focused on creating a better user experience, branding, messaging, customer journey, and overall look and feel.


Thanks to Oyova’s effort, our new website managed to generate 150 leads from the web traffic alone. The team was knowledgeable, adaptable, and were great in communicating the strategy, creative, and optimization. In the end, they managed to create quality output.


“We are extremely happy with our site and the work performed.”