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11 Brilliant Ideas to Create a 3D Brand Experience

3D Brand Experience Example

Not everyone thinks and learns in the same way. Some of us are visual learners, and others learn by reading, listening, or doing. This is precisely why you can’t capture a true “brand experience” without bringing more dimension to your company.

Make your company more memorable with a 3-dimensional brand experience.

Stunning graphics, interactive features, and an irresistible brand experience they will never forget are what your customers really want.

Original Graphics and Content

People want to see you’ve taken the time to create your own stuff — high-quality photographs, graphics, and content in the form of articles, press releases, social media blurbs, etc. That’s why the catchphrase “content is king” became a way of life for businesses that do marketing online.

Types of Learners

Narrate Your Story

Your brand experience starts with a story, and buying power is freedom of choice. If they were standing right next to you, how would you walk a customer through your background and convince them to buy from you? Narrating a story is the trick to getting customers to put themselves in your shoes. They want to know why you’re the best for the job and what experience or qualities your company has that make you a “trustworthy” place to do business.

GIFs and YouTube Videos

To stun your customers visually, try gifs and videos. GIFs give your website an advantage because they provide motion to your website without having to press play. Using GIFs that automatically loop can help you create stunning visuals that capture your customer’s attention. Videos also help you to display products, talk about services, or demonstrate something in a visual manner to educate the customer.

Visual Learner GIF

Interactive Content

One of the easiest ways to establish an instant connection is through interaction. Providing features like buttons, forms, or website elements that are fun and respond to your customer’s cursor to give them something to act on. This encourages your customer to continue interacting with your website and make a purchase if your site specializes in eCommerce.

Slideshare Presentation

Slideshare allows you to present a slideshow on your website. This can help you present the specs of your products, educate the customer about a service, and inform them with content displayed visually. Embedding a PowerPoint presentation into the content on your blogs and pages favors people who prefer visual content and want to interact by clicking through to the next page.

Send them a Sample

Making the initial purchase is scary, especially if your products cost a pretty penny. Warm your customer up to your company by sending them a gift. A sneak peek of your products offers your customers insight into things like quality, delivery, follow-through, and whether or not your brand is worth bragging about. Sending customers a free sample puts your products in the hands of more potential buyers.

Turn on the Audio

Visuals are very much played out on the internet. But audio content is still a rare sight, or rather, sound. Playing music in the background of your website won’t help much, since forced autoplay music tends to annoy people. However, adding audio to your pages in the form of audible blog posts, podcasts, and video presentations welcomes your auditory customers to listen in.

Auditory Video



Infographics make people happy. There’s something mysterious about a well-written and presented infographic. The secret is bringing your abstract numbers to life through visual depictions. Infographics are an entertaining way to present information that instantly captures the viewer’s attention through graphic displays.

Engage Social Channels

Some of your customers are hooked on reading the latest news daily. They often start by scrolling through feeds on various social channels they use. By posting relevant newsworthy content pertaining to your company and replying to any followers who engage with your pages, you establish a personal connection with customers. This helps them become more familiar with your products by reading and learning more about them.

Reading Learning Style

Every type of content gives your customer a new way to interact with your brand and share their experience. Creating a 3-dimensional brand experience assures your content appeals to all types of learners — visual, reading/writing, auditory, and kinesthetic.

Do you know which type of learner you are? Oyova can help you develop a 3-dimensional brand experience that reaches your audience. Please leave a comment, and share this with your network.

CC: Audio by Mike Koenig