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3 Social Media Plugins That Boost Engagement

3 Social Media Plugins That Boost Engagement

Social Media Plugins to Increase Audience Interactions

Do you ever feel like your website is an echo chamber? It’s probably because you’re posting the same old content with little feedback and interaction from your target audience. The truth is, page hits only go so far. Your top marketing metric should be engagement—and social media plugins are the place to start. Ready to break down the walls and invite visitors in? Check out these three must-have tools.

1. Social Login Plugin

Providing visitors direct access to “members only” content via their preexisting social media logins increases the odds that they’ll engage. Face it: No one likes creating and maintaining user accounts for every site they visit. Whether you want consumers to comment or simply read premium articles, the Social Login plugin will act as a universal gateway that’ll get them registered and involved.

2. Disqus Plugin

Speaking of commenting, you’ll need a social-media-minded discussion plugin, as well. Enter: Disqus; it’s a comment system and network in one. Disqus itself is a form of social media—one that allows users to manage their online presence across websites. Scroll down and you’ll see that we’re a fan too.

Note: Like Social Login, Disqus also lets users engage via their preexisting third-party social accounts.

3. Sociable Plugin

Getting visitors to interact on your site is important when it comes to generating an internal community, but you’ll also want those same people to distribute that experience socially, as well. Extend your reach with the Sociable Plugin. Visitors can easily share your content via the platform of their choice. The easy-to-use extension subtly frames blog posts and other pages for quick click-and-share opportunities.

Boost Engagement with a Well-Designed Website

To experience the benefits of these plugins, you’ll need expert integration. However, your engagement strategy shouldn’t start and end with social media plugins. A well-designed website that considers user experience is key.

Want a website that appeals to your target audience? Start with social media plugins. Give us a call today to find out how we can help you boost engagement with website development.